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: Hollow Hairs
Jun 13, 2007

And we are back to our regular nonsensical hijinks if that’s okay with everybody. 😉

Polar bear hairs are indeed hollow, as mentioned in Osborne’s book. They provide insulation and turn sunlight into heat, like a greenhouse, that can be absorbed by their black skin. The hairs are also transparent, but with reflected light they appear to be white, sometimes oxidation can make them appear more yellow and they can even grow algae which can even make them appear greenish. This hair also makes them nearly invisible to infrared cameras.

And spitballs, I may have had my fair share of spitball fights, but who came up with such a thing? Who was like… “hey, i’m going to chew up a piece of paper, get it nice and slobbery, and then spit it at my friend through a straw, hopefully hitting him right in the face, it’s going to be awesome.” In high school it seemed there was always a classroom or two that would have a ceiling covered in them.