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: Frisbee
Nov 17, 2006

Wally might be part dog. What is it about man’s best friend that loves to run and retrieve stuff anyway?

Frisbee is one of those words like Kleenex where a brand name has become the recognized word. Nobody says flying disk or facial tissue. Flying disks have been thrown by people for centuries, in the form of cake pans, lids or any disk shaped objects. What we know as the plastic flying disks of today got their start as the “Flying-Saucer” invented by Fred Morrison in 1948. The idea didn’t really take off though until another model by Morrison came out in 1955 called the “Pluto Platter”. It was bought by Wham-O (gotta love that toy company’s name) and then marketed and sold as the “Frisbee” (which was most likely a play on the spelling of Frisbie from the Frisbie Pie Company, whose pie tins made good flying disks themselves).

Happy Feet

Yup, it got released today. Man, it’s been over a year since I first mentioned the film. They sure take a long time with animated films. I’m glad I just do comics, they take me long enough to get out. Anyway, Happy Feet looks really good, let’s all go see it. 🙂

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