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: Doing His Own Thing
Dec 7, 2005

Can you tell me which one is doing his own thing? Before my song is done, and now my song is done! Yeah, I grew up on Sesame Street, that’s where this game is from. I went to an afternoon elementary school so I was able to watch it all morning, every morning. That was the life. And yeah, Wally was just picking his bellybutton the other day and now he’s picking his nose, he’s well-maintained. At least this time he’s not sharing it with Osbourne. I won’t have him picking anything else this week, no more of that nonsense. But maybe Osbourne will be, which would be kind of hard with those awkward flippers of his…


  1. PenGwen says:

    I had heard that they had done away with this bit on Sesame Street because it was “emotionally scarring to children” because it said on of them didn’t belong. The whole “touchy-feely” generation has destroyed everything precious and beautiful about our childhoods.

  2. SuperVegito says:

    @ Tyler:please forgive my ignorance about todays comic i did’nt really get it..but it just may be because i have this bloody cold (dunno how wally n osbourne hav’nt caught one till now guess its cause its too cold for the bloody germs to survive) ne way i was just wondering what you were going to to on the 25th of this month tyler seeing as its Christmas and Hanuca. 2 Speacial Strips i hope ^_^

  3. Yo Sis a.k.a. Starsky says:

    So even though Wally is a veggi-tarian he can still maintain his protein levels, heh heh : )

  4. Nevaren says:

    It’s warmer at Palmer Station, AQ than it is in Chicago, IL. Now THAT is scary!

    /resume lurking

  5. Tyler Martin says:

    Pen, wow, heh, pretty soon nothing will be politically correct enough.

    Vegito, yeah, I’m fighting some sickness myself. This is a parody of a Sesame Street bit where it showed 4 kids in 4 frames and one of them was doing something a bit different. It just kind of popped in my head one day and just seemed like some silly fun.

    Sis, gross.

    Nevaren, yeah, well, first of all, that is Palmer Station which is up the Antarctic Peninsula that shoots up towards South America. Second it is summer there now so it’s at its warmest. I could put the South Pole weather back on so everyone is not so dissapointed with it not being cold enough there, heh, it’s just that it tended to be down a lot.

  6. Sev says:

    Hey, so that’s an emporer penguin, right?

    1) How many penguin species are there?

    2) What is the smallest penguin?

    3) Will we get to meet the smallest penguin?

  7. Tyler Martin says:

    That is an emperor penguin.

    There are 17 species.

    The smallest is the Fairy Penguin, aka Little Blue Penguin that live up around New Zealand. Right down in Antarctica is pretty cold for the little penguins, they prefer it a bit warmer. I may have a Fairy Penguin in the future, I toyed around with the idea of it somehow being a fairy, or playing off that and then adding one to several parts humor.

  8. bobo says:

    it’s the first penguin rite.

  9. axis says:

    um…i say wally

  10. Penguin Boy says:

    I would say Wally.

  11. hi guys says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S TYLER MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jenny says:

      Uh, you don’t have to get extreme exited when you see someone. And you have to say hello to them politely, not yell ‘aaaaah,’ UNDERSTAND?!

      • Jenny says:

        You don’t have to yell hello to a friend who’s not very close. You must come up to Tyler and say hello politely. Or else other people will take notice of you. Now go up to Tyler’s logo and say hi to him nicely. Take it or leave it. That’s my final offer. Now, GO TO TYLER!

  12. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:

    Wait…whos doing his own thing? 😕

  13. Jenny says:

    Wally, Wally, Wally. He’s really in the picking mode, isn’t he?

  14. Osbourne says:

    Where’s Osbourne?

  15. Mewcario says:

    Wally… Save that for when your not in a comic… Thank you.

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