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: Desalination
Jul 12, 2007

Someone needs to tell Wally that just because pepper is black, and salt is white, that does not somehow make them spice opposites with the power of canceling each other out. In fact, together they can be quite intense. Personally I’ve become somewhat desensitized to spices. These days I add lots of salt and pepper to all my food (often garlic powder too) because otherwise it just tastes too bland to me. Guess I just like my food spicy, my favorite dishes are hot Thai, Cajun and Mexican dishes.

The actual process of desalination is becoming more and more popular, places like the Middle East have been using it for quite some time, with ocean water more readily available than fresh water sources in that region. Since pepper doesn’t work, desalination plants rely mostly on the techniques of reverse osmosis or multi-stage flash for making saltwater drinkable.

Wally and Osborne shouldn’t be too concerned with desalination in Antarctica… over two thirds of the world’s fresh water is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps.