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: Cowboys: Bull Elephant Seal Riding
Dec 1, 2005

The Southern Elephant Seal arrives in the comic today. They are most apt to be found on the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Their coats are a dark gray and slowly become a faded brown up until they molt again. They feed on fish, squid and krill. It is the largest of the seal family averaging 16 feet in length. The record for the largest pinniped is held by a Southern Elephant Seal measuring 6.5m (21 ft 4 in) long and weighing 4 tonnes (8818 lbs). They also hold a Guinness record in the Lung Power Endurance category, they can dive up to 1828m (6000ft) deep and stay underwater for up to 2 hours. We’re going to hope Osbourne doesn’t get tangled up in the harness if that thing is heading for the sea.

On the Rocks Syndicated!

I’m excited and proud to say that On the Rocks comics is now also being featured at Funbrain is part of the Family Education Network (A Pearson Education Inc property) and provides over six million monthly visitors aged K-8 with educational and fun games and content. They have featured online books previously, but On the Rocks will be their first comic strip feature. This will not change anything here though, you can continue to read the same On the Rocks at this site just like you always have. Thanks again for reading and for the support, and a big welcome to many young new readers, perhaps their parents and teachers as well… I will try to broadcast this message to them over there somehow with special mind powers.