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: Chugga-Brrrrrtt-Tooooo
Jan 25, 2006

Fortunately for Osbourne, birds do not have a very good sense of smell or taste. Polar bears on the other hand are said to be able to smell stuff for miles when downwind of it.

So yeah… it had been a while since we had some potty humor around here. Flatulence… it’s just naturally funny. We all do it, don’t you go denying it. We try to hide it, we think we can be stealth about it. Some of us when sitting will tilt our buttocks to the side so as to quietly let one escape, don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.

Heh, it’s pretty embarrassing too. I remember in school thinking one would silently pass in a dead quiet classroom, but it was not the case. I put my hand to my mouth thinking maybe I could pull it off like I made the noise that way… somehow… yeah. The teacher jokingly called one of the girls names like she was ashamed with her and the humor really helped ease up the situation. I didn’t have to run away and change schools, was close though.

The process actually happens from swallowing air when eating (including drinking carbonated beverages) and moreso from gases created while your stomach digests stuff. Especially in the case of fried and oily foods. So avoid those if you are going to be in a situation where such bodily occurences would be most unwanted.

Stolen Juvenile Penguin Update

Unfortunately the jackass juvenile penguin stolen from a British zoo was never recovered. There is still a reward out for information leading to finding Toga, but it is presumed he is dead. In good news though, his parents, Kyala and Oscar, have another egg and are expecting a new chick in February if all goes well. The zoo is considering having a contest to name it. You can read more here.

Eight Below Part Two

I kind of talked negatively about the film yesterday but I don’t want to come off like a grouchy old man. Every time Antarctica is misrepresented I don’t want to act as if someone has just insulted my mother. I mean, I have a comic with a polar bear there and I’m going to have some inconsistencies myself. There are few films these days that the whole family can enjoy so it’s nice when any of them come out. The film is primarily about the sled dogs surviving there, so hopefully most of the footage will just be that, and it will cut down the bad acting, and the totally different setting and story change. And I can’t fault them for not being able to film it in Antarctica, I imagine there will still be some footage from there.

Taro & Jiro Postage StampsStill I find it offensive that they had to change key elements, if you are going to base a story on an event (oh, they say inspired, but they are copying the story regardless and referencing it as well). Did they feel that it would only appeal to today’s youth if it starred young hip Americans and was set in a modern day setting? I mean, I know lots of true story stuff is exaggerated and changed for movies. I saw The Greatest Game Ever Played and thought it was a great movie, another Disney film based on a true story. But perhaps a golf historian would have found too many faults in it to enjoy it. Regardless they set it in the right place and time period and that made it more interesting. The dogs, Taro and Jiro, are national icons and heroes in Japan, so it seems wrong to just steel them and their story for your own modern marketing ploys. They even had their own postage stamps. My dad has a fitting expression he’s always using… “Is nothing sacred?”

It seems to me films set in the past are often more interesting, even to kids. How they did things and got by without some of the modern invention we have. So again, I won’t say anything else without seeing the film (If I don’t decide to personally boycott it, heh). If there is enough just about the dogs’ story out on their own it may win me over, maybe even tear me up a bit. And maybe it will get some interest for people to research the original story and pay it some tribute. I’ll let the Japanese historians speak up against the movie if they feel they should.

See I can be mature about it. Although I still plan on drawing some comics of Japanese guys karate kicking Paul Walker in the crotch. 🙂


  1. Kevin says:

    Fart jokes work so why not use them 🙂

    Still love the comic.

  2. Phill says:

    This (not the comic, that’s all good, the review of eight below zero) kinda reminds me of War of the Worlds. I read the book some time ago, and it was set in early last century England (don’t remember when exactly, but I remember some WW1-ish artillery being described) and was about some guy who wanders around trying fruitlessly to just get out of the way of these metallic, leggy alien robots. Then Speilberg and Paramount make this crazy movie that’s supposed to be the same thing… only set in the near future in the US, starring Tom Criuse, and is about some guy trying to get to his estranged daughter (very Day After Tomorrow). Gah, It’s all these dumbarse American editors who like to tell people what they like. 👿
    …you’re not American, by any chance, are you? 😕

  3. Merat says:

    Its not Americans who do crap like that, Phill. Its Hollywood. Completely different species, heh heh.

  4. Matt D says:

    Reminds me of the old Batman series with all the crazy onomatopeias (i wonder if i spelled that right)

  5. Anastasia says:

    They changed the characters from Japanese to Americans. You weren’t being a grouchy old man. Changing little things to make a plot flow better or heighten emotional effect is one thing, changing the race of all the people involved? It’s really not the same. I would rather watch Japanese Scientists do anything over Paul Walker.

    PS: About Timeline. I totally agree. I have a big love for Billy Connolly and Gerard Butler and I still couldn’t get over the fact that he was such a bad “leading man.”

  6. Nanuk says:

    Well, mostly Hollywood is made by Americans…

    And I must say, that the LA movie industry kindda humm… always mess up which ever story they want to, so Im kindda grudgy about them, but still go to the movies and pay for that…

    Toilet humor! jajajajajaja every time it does the trick

  7. Nanuk says:

    I forgot, I really really really want to see the japanese guy kicking paul walker

  8. Sev says:

    Stay tuned for the next Disney film: Schindler’s List: The story of an bitter old man and the little hawaiian girl who teaches him to love again.

  9. Julie says:

    I didn’t see War of the Worlds for the same reasons you describe, Phil. I read the book as a kid and saw a documentary about when Orson Welles used it in his radio broadcast and I just couldn’t imagine it with Tom Cruise starring in it. I can understand updating it, because the weapons Wells described wouldn’t scare anyone now, but I believe they went way too far with it.

    I’m probably going to have to see the dog movie. My spouse, when we saw the trailer, said that looks good, which translates to “You’re taking me to see that one.” 🙂

  10. Tyler Martin says:

    Heheh, well, bring some Kleenex just in case Julie. I actually read a little article yesterday that mentioned the original Japanese director of Antarctica (the original movie based on the true story) and apparently he wasn’t totally discusted by the new version. He did wonder how many dogs would survive in Disney’s as his stayed true to the story with only the 2 survivors. Also apparently getting this movie okayed with Disney was not an easy task as they kept saying it was too dark, perhaps that’s why they cheesed it up so bad. Still, the preview flashed some dogs laying on the ground like they weren’t getting back up, and Disney did kill Bambi’s mom, so just have the tissue ready. 🙂

    Sev, I’ll be looking forward to that one, I hope it’s got time travel too! 😀

    Nanuk, I’ll see what I can do, maybe when the film opens, heh.

    Anastasia, thanks for the support. 😉

    Phill, yup, American.

    Merat, he did just say American Editors so probably lots of us still in the clear. In this case as I mentioned it looks like it was Disney’s call, the producer might have originally wanted something closer to the actual story, and then just wanted to get a movie made and “sold out”.

  11. Edward =)=) says:

    Matt D. You spelled it right (or left=D)

  12. Izzieluv says:

    Wally really isn’t THAT stupid, is he?

  13. Izzieluv says:

    he he he he he he

  14. bobo says:

    dumb Americans!

    p.s.i’m American.

  15. Kelsa says:

    This conversation is proof that Wally is American. He is dumb and overly optimistic (and apearatly has a huge disposible income to spend on e-bay).

    Ps. I’m American too

  16. axis says:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Turtle lvr 101 says:

    My brother does this all the time, except she always holds it until I’m in the vicinity….

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  23. Metroplex says:

    😕 ❓ 😥 😮 😆 ACK! 😀

  24. poolfreak says:

    did you see that the peng’ laying face down is osborne? it’s just a copy of osborne from the water balloon strips! 😮 ❗

  25. hi guys says:

    IT IS!!!HE HAS THE TUFT!!!!!!!

  26. Jenny says:

    HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCASS! Very rude AND very frightening.

  27. Sally says:

    No wonder those other Adelie Penguins fainted (and as a bonus, Osbourne looked kind of sick as well)

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