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: Caffeine!
Nov 30, 2006

Drinking out of a cup with a beak looks like it probably ends up being a pretty messy ordeal.

Caffeine is a stimulant found in the seeds, leaves and fruit of over 60 plants (coffee of course being a main source), though to some insects feeding on those plants it can paralyze and even kill them, a natural pesticide. Besides coffee it is also found in cocoa, that’s why your chocolate comes with an extra pick-me-up. Mmm, chocolate and coffee together, a nice mocha latte, that does it for me. 90% of North America runs on caffeine daily.

I try to limit myself to just one strong cup of coffee each morning, but I’m hooked enough that if I don’t have that I risk a headache. 🙁

Penguin Webcam Time!

If you haven’t been watching the Penguin Webcam, it is time. It is located at at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula and captures images of a gentoo penguin colony every 15 minutes. Camera 2 is zoomed in nicely on two nests. Right now the colony is incubating their eggs, so in the coming months you can expect to see some chicks making their way into an icy world.

Much thanks to Martin Grund for putting this project together and the support of the O’Higgins German Research Station.


  1. Zack says:

    I’m back. Lol that was a funny comic. I wonder what happens if Wally steals Osborne’s coffee stock and drinks it all and then Osborne gets very mad. Lol I wonder wat Wally would do with the all that extra caffeine in his already hyper system.

  2. qtpa2tnh says:

    Great , Zack’s back… I’m not joking .Just dandy .

  3. Did anyone see my comment? Aren’t you worried about Osbornes death? Of coarse he won’t really die, but on the comic where he crashed on the sled and Wally said he knows Osbornes not dead because he’s twitching you all were like “I hope he’s not dead” or “What would the comic be like without Osborne”! If you just skipped it go back and read my comment. You might learn something!

  4. Hi everyone! Where’s the new comce Tyler?
    Here’s the fact:
    Polar bears have more problems with overheating than they do with cold. Even in very cold weather, they quickly overheat when they try to run.
    Hey guess what? I have to write an article for the school newspaper about Happy Feet! Cool huh?

  5. Phizlo says:

    Hey! I write for the school newspaper too! 🙂
    I wish I could write an article for Happy Feet!
    I make comics for the school newspaper! 😉

  6. Andrew says:

    I want a School Newspaper!!;(

  7. Zack says:

    hey Phil u write for the Central Newspaper? or is it just a 7-1 thing?

  8. Zack says:

    hey Phil u write for the Central Newspaper? or is it just a 7-1 thing??

  9. What are your comics about Phizlo?

  10. Mentalbug says:

    Woah! that pinguin webcam thingie is so great! 😀

    Thanks for the link =)

  11. Phizlo says:

    My comics are mostly about this kid who deals with life and has a stuffed ram who he thinks is real. 🙂
    It’s kind of based on Calvin and Hobbes but I wouldn’t have known Calvin and Hobbes without Tyler’s Wally and Osborne comics! 😀 😉

  12. Phizlo says:

    By the way, we need a new comic! 🙁
    Sorry for filling up space!

  13. qtpa2tnh says:


  14. Tia says:

    yea that fat belly is killin me…

    In protest, I will not post my facts until there is a comic.

  16. Tyler Martin says:

    I know, for reals eh!? I won’t post a new comic until there’s a new comic… er… wait…

  17. Dorlaem says:

    watch out they won’t hold their breath until the new comic comes tyler :p

  18. nick says:


  19. Andrew says:


  20. Andrew says:

    I`ll QUIT READING if I don`t get a new comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dorlaem says:

    he won’t sleep because of that treath andrew, it’s simply chilling…

  22. zeel says:

    I :love: this comic but I give 48 howers to post anew comic or I will never visit the sit agen :-E

  23. Do any of you celebrate St. Nickolas day. If you don’t then I’ll explain it. You put out your shoes the night before, and when you wake up there are new shoes there. Yah sure it’s really your parents and not St. Nickoolas, but it’s still fun. Anyway this morning when I got up, instead of new shoes I got Happy Feet slippers. They’re cool because when you push a button then put your foot on the ground it makes tap dancng noises. Also you can push a button and a song will come on for you to try and match. Just thought I should tell you about that.

  24. BTW they are shaped like big penguin feet.

  25. Cristina says:

    Oh good greif, we have resorted to making threats? Remember when we only got 6 comics in the entire month of both August and October? If you quit reading them during that time, then obviously you’re not reading this, and Tyler’s been pretty regular up until now, so you should be happy. 🙂

  26. qtpa2tnh says:

    I’m never going to this site again , Tyler . Remember the time when it took 2 WEEKS ?! You screwed up big time , Tyler , because you just lost a person . See ya’ll … FOREVER .

  27. qtpa2tnh says:

    I’m just messin’ with ya , Tyler ! … Had ya for a sec’ , did’t I ? But seriously , WE NEED A NEW COMIC !!

  28. I just read the first water ballon comic. I was sooooooooooo funny! I can’t wait to read more!!!!!

  29. ON says:


  30. ostrich girl says:

    wally and i are too hardcore to drink coffee! i don’t NEED coffee to run in place!!! chocolate milk will do the trick!

  31. Carlyneese!1! says:



  32. old guy 55 says:


  33. wally fan says:

    must…have….COFEE!!!!!! ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

  34. Jenny says:

    Uh, Osborne, haven’t you had a little TOO much espresso for the day?

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