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: Caffeine!
Nov 30, 2006

Drinking out of a cup with a beak looks like it probably ends up being a pretty messy ordeal.

Caffeine is a stimulant found in the seeds, leaves and fruit of over 60 plants (coffee of course being a main source), though to some insects feeding on those plants it can paralyze and even kill them, a natural pesticide. Besides coffee it is also found in cocoa, that’s why your chocolate comes with an extra pick-me-up. Mmm, chocolate and coffee together, a nice mocha latte, that does it for me. 90% of North America runs on caffeine daily.

I try to limit myself to just one strong cup of coffee each morning, but I’m hooked enough that if I don’t have that I risk a headache. 🙁

Penguin Webcam Time!

If you haven’t been watching the Penguin Webcam, it is time. It is located at at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula and captures images of a gentoo penguin colony every 15 minutes. Camera 2 is zoomed in nicely on two nests. Right now the colony is incubating their eggs, so in the coming months you can expect to see some chicks making their way into an icy world.

Much thanks to Martin Grund for putting this project together and the support of the O’Higgins German Research Station.