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: Breakfast
Nov 1, 2006

I’ve always been more of a fan of Cream of Wheat myself.

Mold can grow even at temperatures just barely above freezing. When temperatures get extremely low, the mold can stay alive in a dormant state. Mold is hardcore!

Hey guys, here’s a cool site I just found that has several pictures of the various exploration huts like the one that Wally & Osborne just moved into. You can see some of the old food and supplies, and even some mold! 😉

Comic Pressing!

ComicPress is a theme for WordPress I created to run the Wally & Osborne site. I provided it to the general public for other comic creators to use to publish their comics online too. Anyway, I know there are some other comic creators out there reading this, so just wanted to let you know I started a new blog to support ComicPress as well as offer helpful advice in creating comics online. You can find it here.