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: Boomerang
Jun 20, 2007

Boomerang is not just a classic cartoon network owned by Cartoon Network. In fact many people associate it with this strange little tool / weapon from the Aborigines. Actually they have been found among the ruins of ancient people all over the world but I think we can give Australia the credit for the crazy name.

There is a World Cup held for boomerang throwing every other year as well as world records held for boomerang throwing that include such categories as accuracy, catching, endurance and distance.

Two incredibly important boomerangs in history that come to mind are:

  1. Link’s boomerang from the original Legend of Zelda on the original Nintendo Game System. There has never been a better secondary weapon in a video game. That thing was awseome.
  2. Batman’s “Batarang”, without the boomerang it just would have just been the Bat Grapple or something… and that wouldn’t have been very cool.

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