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: Air For Sale
Dec 9, 2005

Nothing like aggressive salesmen. These kids are ruthless, but very enterprising so I give them points for that. I know many of you love these oportunistic penguin juvies, for some reason or other, and now they got their big buddy with a face only a mother could love. Actually, I’ve recruited these guys to help me set up the brand new…

On the Rocks Store!

That’s right, you can now support the comic and sport Wally & Osbourne on your very own official On the Rocks T-shirts. I’m proud to announce that Shop On the Rocks is now open for business. So go check out the brand new Wally and Osbourne shirts. I’ll be adding some more products soon as well as opening a separate store for you European readers, hang in there a little longer. Oh, and if you don’t buy a shirt then I’ll sick Thomas on you! 😉


  1. PenGwen says:

    I love the shirt but I’d like to suggest putting your website on it somewhere (even very small) as when I have worn shirts from other webcomics people are always asking about where it’s from and what the address is.

  2. Lee says:

    Puffins? Selling air? I suspect a pun.

  3. James says:

    Maybe the can go on the back of the shirt? Sweet idea!

  4. Seb Muller says:

    excellent! especially the euro store part 😀

  5. Yo Sis a.k.a. Starsky says:

    Yaeh! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…I know I know I know….doo doo doo! Don’t know the rest of the words but yeah! I agree about the web address but think it should be optional, and hows about some ringer tee’s those are good times, and you know now that Wally and Osbourne are famous they deserve to be E-tooned eh Ty? And member you promised a We’re Hardcore T-shirt? I know I know one thing at a time….: )

  6. SuperVegito says:

    HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCUS!!!!! Thats Not Fair A U.S. Store ….We Want World Wide Stores!!!!(Actually I Want A World Wide Store I Aint From The US or Europe) n i agree on the web address part n the we’re hardcore T-Shirt oh n it would b kinda nnice if the On The Rocks Logo was There Somewhere on The Shirt but these shirts will do for now(now who do i know in the U.S.A. hmmmm) oh n if i could just make a small request for a shirt…i want A HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCUS!!!! shirt 😀

    btw cool Strip 😀

  7. Yo Sis a.k.a. Starsky says:

    Thomas is hilarious I got back on to look at the other strips and he just cracked me up to look at ….too funny. : )

  8. Seren Jeanes says:

    Awsome..not just this strip but all the others to!

  9. Klawful n Swade says:

    The shop is alright, but you would get better business with those shirts if you had something funny on them, such as….

    All 3-4 strips of the snow ball fight! (Thats my favourite and probably the favourite for alot of people, and if it was on a shirt I would buy one for sure)

    Also as mentioned, your website address. I’d be proud to wear a shirt labeled “”

  10. Klawful n Swade says:

    Also, that strip where wally has made a snow-shark eating a snow-osborne would be very hilarious on a t-shirt. I believe it is already a good wallpaper 😀

  11. bobo says:

    thomas is cool.

  12. axis says:

    (my sister, everybuddy) I HOPE HE SQUEEZES THE PENGUIN TO DEATH!!!!!!! COZ PENGUINS R EVILLLLLLLLLLLLL! (me again) no they’re not. (sister) yes they r, me and my friend cesily say…….soooooooooooooooo………. (me) give me the mouse…. *wrestle*

  13. Zara says:

    I think you mean ‘sic Thomas on you’, Tyler

  14. axis says:

    when wally comes over they run

  15. Please make a PENGOWNED shirt. Or a HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCASS SHIRt or A WATER BALON SHIRT. The list goes on.

  16. Gert7 says:

    Sorry, I live in Estonia, far east to the Europa moon in Eastern-European viewers. Cut to the chase, what currency do they have?

  17. I thought emperor chicks are supposed to be innocent! That’s not innocent!…but clever….

  18. Catherine says:

    OMG!!!! How MEAN……….
    I wonder if Thomas would like Wally to squeeze the air out of him 😉

  19. CC says:

    Now i feel like opening an “Air” stand insttead of a lemonade stand…. 😆

  20. hi guys says:

    i’m asking for a “penguins is serius!” t-shirt for my birthday!(oct. 20)

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