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: Air For Sale
Dec 9, 2005

Nothing like aggressive salesmen. These kids are ruthless, but very enterprising so I give them points for that. I know many of you love these oportunistic penguin juvies, for some reason or other, and now they got their big buddy with a face only a mother could love. Actually, I’ve recruited these guys to help me set up the brand new…

On the Rocks Store!

That’s right, you can now support the comic and sport Wally & Osbourne on your very own official On the Rocks T-shirts. I’m proud to announce that Shop On the Rocks is now open for business. So go check out the brand new Wally and Osbourne shirts. I’ll be adding some more products soon as well as opening a separate store for you European readers, hang in there a little longer. Oh, and if you don’t buy a shirt then I’ll sick Thomas on you! 😉