Feb 26, 2010 —

A pretty clever pod of orcas…

A couple related comics… Spyhopping and Tourists: Orcas and Seals, Oh My!


  1. Strawberry says:

    Good to see an update on the site. Poor seal!

  2. Karpolo says:

    Nice theme. Still waiting for those comics. :p

  3. clubpenguindude says:

    Woah! just checked my RSS feed and was surprised to see an update!
    moar comics please!

  4. Eserchie says:

    It has been 2 full years, and I still check back here about once a month, hoping for more comics and re-binging on the archive. That’s a good webcomic, to be that addictive

  5. qtpa2tnh says:

    WHOA! Tyler’s back! Good to see updates again, man. Like the new theme! Still need new comics, though…

  6. Annoying Guy says:


    …… AGAIN!

  7. lucky33325 says:

    Well, I’m disappointed. Tyler, you update the site RECOMMENDING PEOPLE TO SEE SOME STUFF, but NO COMICS. Seriously. You are really letting down your fans, here.

  8. Strawberry says:

    Can you answer a few questions? Just a few and I’m sure Wally and Osborne fans would like to hear the answer too. Ok here goes:
    1. Will you continue making more comics?
    2. If so, when?
    3. Can you tell you fans if you’re continueing or quiting?
    Thank you for your time!

  9. lucky33325 says:

    strawberry, he doesn’t answer questions. He stares at them. Then he gets off of the computer.

  10. Stew614 says:

    You know, Tyler, this isn’t some kind of puny little comic with, say, 42 fans. You have a very large fan base. For goodness sake, you’re on Funbrain! Do you even look at these comments? …It’s been years man, nobody cares about seeing Penguin Poop from Space or a Killer Whale Orca Attack. We just want comics. Why do I even bother posting this? You’re obviously done. Gone. You’ve packed up, no matter what you claim. We know you normally take breaks for a while. But two and a half years… That’s just overkill. We gave you 878 days to finish. I’m sick of it. We can take a hint. Bye.

  11. chooch101497 says:

    Wow Tyler… I have been a fan of yours ever since I first found this on funbrain. And now what do you tell us? READ SOME OF THE OLD ONES? WE ARE SICK OF THHE OLD ONES! I ony check once every 2 months now. I’m done, no really. Don’t smirk thinking that we will come back, because we won’t. Although we love the comics that you once devoted yoursef to, we are… You know what? I think you just do not care, go good riddance!

  12. Now you know Tyler, it’s been 2 years you haven’t come back for a new season of W&O. *signs* I used to be a fan of your comic and I found this on funbrain.com after my teacher gave me this site to play something educational when I was in 9th grade almost 3 years ago… I’m going to 12th grade this week and I think I’ll stop coming to your site because you are taking SO SO long. This can be similar to a year ago, ABC Family cancels Kyle XY like that, because this show is not finished year. Well, you enjoy posting blogs of your videos and old comic. Also, I’m a furry, so good bye sir.

  13. pl20 says:

    yeah, remember me ? I’ve been a fan of w&o since 7th grade. now I’m in 12th grade.. thats 5 years.. FIVE YEARS!! like come on man.. we’re all done with the excuses WE JUST WANT COMICS .
    I actually started to think you were dead for real. not even kidding..
    but can you please just let us know if you’re gunna keep making comics or not ?! so we’re not all waiting in suspence..

    ..or maybe you’re planning some big comeback with awesome comics ?! (:

  14. Sally says:

    I wish I could send you some of mine… I have some Wally and Osbourne comics in mind myself.

  15. Sally says:


  16. sjalt says:

    I still believe in tyler coming back. maybe. eventually. hopefully at least!

  17. lucky33325 says:

    You know, I really thought I was gonna log on here and there be a halloween special for wally and osborne today.


  18. lucky33325 says:

    OMIGOSH GUYS CHECK HIS TWITTER he started tweeting about this webcomic he like and then I retweeted it and said that he needs to bring back W&O and then he said THAT HE WILL BRING IT BACK! OMIGOSH IM SO EXCITED

  19. Strawberry says:

    Lucky33325, what is his twitter and when did he say he will bring them back?

  20. lucky33325 says:

    His twitter is mindfaucet. he runs a weird website company now. He didn’t say when, but he did say it in a depressing tone.

  21. Platychidnapus says:

    I give up.

  22. lucky33325 says:

    Meh, I for one check almost every day. Im not giving up.

  23. pl20 says:

    omg so I checked this site for the first time since September..
    I actually thought I’d be surprised by a new comic butttt….no.
    just ONE more comic.
    that’s all I ask.
    don’t disappoint your fans.

  24. Mewcario says:

    ,-, run baby seal ,-,

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