Jun 2, 2009 —

Yup, that’s a CNN headline and I just had to share.

The new season of Wally & Osborne comics and stories are in production. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay informed.


  1. sarah says:

    wow, thats.. weird..
    yess, wally and osborne SOON PLEASE!!! 😀
    pretty much the BEST COMIC EVER!!!
    ooh, and first comment. i dont believe i’ve ever had that before. lol;)

  2. Tre says:

    I’m back, baby!

    And, THANK YOU LAWD! I’ve been checking the site practically every day just to find out about the new comics! Launch them ASAP, pleeze!

    Oh, and PS, to any people wondering, now that Gravatars have come to W&O, the way you can tell it’s the real me (not those stupid Tre’ impostors) is seeing my pretty face over there.

  3. Mikey says:

    Hmmm, I saw this in the news just yesterday, extremely strange. Maybe it’s a message?! Anyway, hasn’t it been well over a year now since the last Wally and Osborne strip?! Jeez!

  4. Wiggle says:

    WOW really strange….in space!…Can’t wait for the new comics baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Annoying Guy says:

    W00t! Not having any NEW COMICS in over a year is almost as annoying as me! Ok, not AS annoying, but Frustrating. Hey, SOON im going to camp. Its fun AS reading these comics. I hope it is POSSIBLE to track poo from space. Especially penguin poop.

  6. I have been coming here weekly to see if there is anything new, and this is all I got so far? Please end the year-long break soon before I lose hope.

  7. As of Monday, June 8th, there has been no new comics in 480 days, or 1 year and 115 days, or 11520 hours, or 691200 minutes, or 41472000 seconds.

    Long story short, we all have been without new Wally and Osborne comics for way too long.

  8. qtpa2tnh©2009 says:

    Heeeeey new comicsss
    By the way anybody who doesn’t know me I’m “q” or “qman”. Just call me q.I’ve BEEN a regular for yEEEAAARRRs.

  9. qtpa2tnh©2009 says:

    I have a custom Gravitar, and THAT IS NOT MY GRAVITAR!!!1!

  10. Heywow! A new post! not a comic, but it at least gives me a chance to comment!

  11. Tre says:

    Not to be annoying or anything, but WATCH MY PODCAST! I’ll be talking about Wally & Osborne next week (i think). Visit it @ trespeak.blip.tv.

  12. Justin S says:

    YAY. its been almost a year in a half since a first sign at new wally and osborne comics. and i have to say tht annoying guy still being here sadens me. hmm i wonder if i can still do the tradition of giving penguin and polar bear facts.

  13. Justin S says:

    and if any one remebers me i was justin the penguin master or something like that from years ago but i was mad that i was not able to post or comment. anyone know why only particular people could and penguin poop sited from space? just kool

  14. Justin S says:

    who else here is an original reader from years ago?

  15. Wiggle says:

    Don’t know when I started reading…but I’ve been posting for a while and have read every W & O comic (I think I have any-way)!

  16. qtpa2tnh says:

    Stiiiiill waaaaaaitiiiiiiing…

  17. Annoying Guy says:

    Hey guys i am a regular. I was Kookoo first then all these random kookoo, then BAM! Annoying Guy! Hey loook at my last comment and look at my secret message. Hope you guys can get it.

    Vl lV
    That is my super cool ultra dooper Penguin Poop Scoper Penguin that looks realy bad.

  18. Jonathan Holden says:

    So why is it taking so long for you to upload them?

  19. Hickkkk says:

    omg Ty, just please post some soon! My life depends on it!!!!!!!!!

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