Sep 25, 2007 —

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know I’m not dead. I had that two weeks of jury duty, then not long after that the baby came. I got behind in projects and have had to work like a mad man to get them all done, illustration and website work that I do freelance. The good news is that I’ve gotten all caught up, the bad news is that I’m moving this week and there is lots to do. So once I get settled back in then we’ll get back to updating, I have so many comics written out and can’t wait for the chance to create them.

One of my many projects was actually developing a couple websites for my Lunchbox Funnies buddy Trade Loeffler. Each site is for the comic adventures of his characters, Zip and Li’l Bit. You can read their completed story, The Upside Down Me and then get to reading their brand new adventure… The Sky Kayak. I used my ComicPress theme to create the sites, of Trade’s design, but modified it for some nifty features like zooming of the comic panels, and then being able to navigate in zoomed mode as well as visual archives. Anyway, while I’m finishing getting moved and stuff, go read Zip and Li’l Bit, they are fantastic! And Wally and Osborne will be seeing you again soon.