Aug 15, 2007 —

I’d like to let everyone know about my latest creation, Rhoan Forest. Well, I’m a co-creator anyway… my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. Monday was our appointment with our midwife, as well as our last birthing class, then later that evening my wife started having contractions and he came right on his due date, August 14th.

rhoanforest.jpgIt was a water birth, he was born right at home in the tub. It was a wonderful and amazing experience. He is so beautiful and is currently… as well as wonderfully… consuming our time. So just a little less time for Wally & Osborne for a few more days, I know they will understand as I’m sure you will too.

Hope everyone else is enjoying themselves one way or another. I know school is starting for many of my younger readers, I know a good amount read Wally & Osborne there. If your school computers have limited internet access, make sure they at least have available (it’s school friendly) because you can read Wally & Osborne (as On the Rocks) there five days a week!