Aug 10, 2007 —

smallthomas.gifIt was a lot of fun creating the hand-drawn detailed version of Thomas (our resident emperor penguin juvie bully) for this comic from last week. The original art for it is now available for sale, first come, first serve. I’ve also got high-resolution prints available. And if that’s not enough, go check out the downloads page for new Thomas wallpapers. We’ll make a celebrity of that boy!


  1. Tre says:


    Man, is Tommy one guy that people love. The only two non-main character penguins I think are more popular are Max and Louie the Poor Penguin.

  2. Tre says:

    Speaking of making Tommie a celebrity, I made him a poster for a movie based on his life!

  3. tyler 😀 😐
    you should make a thomas icon for comments (like :mrgreen:)

  4. tre i love ur poster its awesome

  5. awesome pic tyler \m/_(>.<)_\m/

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