Jun 30, 2007 —

I’m sure many of you have gone and seen the new Surfs Up movie, a surfers story told using penguins. I had the chance to the other day, but saw Evan Almighty instead, so I still need to go see it. Anyway, I downloaded the game demo for it the other day and it’s actually pretty fun for a surfing game, definitely worth trying out the demo if nothing else.

Also thanks to My Game Company, an independent family-friendly game developer, who’s been advertising their Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent game here on the site all week. If you get a chance, go download that game demo as well.

Now you can game it up this weekend. And after that, go get yourself some paper and crayons and make your own gaming system like Wally, you’ll be the hit of all your friends… or hit by them.


  1. io says:

    First comment! i didnt see surfs up either, but i wish i could! 😛

  2. New Guy says:

    Yay! yesterday me gets 1st post and today me gets 2nd! I LOVE video games even more than licking the backs of stamps!

  3. 3rd,nice,I better get some …oh theres the Paper!Here we are , crayons…..Cool,finished ! MOOOOOM,DAAAAD! WAN’A TEY OUT MY NEW GAMIN’ SYSTEM? :mrgreen: 😐 🙂 😎 😀 💡 😛 😉 🙄

  4. Ramon says:

    Didn’t see Surf’s Up, but I can highly HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Ratatouille if you have to see one movie in the theater.

    I thought I was going to hate it. It was, instead, incredible.

  5. Tre says:

    Tyler, I haven’t gotten a chance to see it either, but when I do, I’m bringing my surfer penguin stuffed animal. (Guess what I named him.)

  6. Poppy says:

    Hey, see my comment with my video game in!

  7. Penguin Guru says:

    I’ve seen the movie, and have the game on DS. If you’re going to buy it, get it on a real system, not a handheld. The quality of games are always better on real systems.

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