Jun 18, 2007 —

A friend recently referred me to Wowio. It’s got some cool comics and graphic novels, including several all-ages ones that I’ve been checking out. It’s an e-book store, but all the books are free to download and there is no cost to sign up. In fact if you get 10 people to sign up they give you a free ipod shuffle. So if you do sign up, please enter tyler@mindfaucet.com as referring you there and my tunes and I will soon be mobile. 😎

[EDIT: I’m sorry but it’s currently only for USA residents. I forgot to mention that. Apologies to those in other countries. Hopefully they will make it available to them too soon.]

I’m considering offering future Wally & Osborne books from this service. Be a nice way for people to get to see the extra book content that are not able to purchase the books for whatever reasons. Although, I guess it would be nice to be able to even purchase a Wally & Osborne book… yes I’m on it! 😳