May 24, 2007 —

Hey guys, quick little update here. There are only three comics left in this storyline, I’ve got them scripted out and just squeezing in time to draw them. I’ve been pretty busy lately with projects, actually drawing stuff, been doing lots of math workbook illustrations, I’ll see if I can get permission to share some of them for fun. Also some educational interactive Flash stuff.

I had planned on drawing up the next comic today but in the time I was suppose to use to do it I got sidetracked making a little script to display avatars next to your names in the comments, heh. What it does is grabs the “favorite” icon from the website you entered, that’s the little icon that appears next to the URL of a website up at the top of your browser. If the site doesn’t have one, the avatar will just be an empty box, and if you don’t have a site entered, then it will default to the Wally and Osborne one:

So more fun with the comments to junk them up with ridiculous posts, smileys and now avatars. Serves me right for not getting the next comics online. I’m on it…