May 10, 2007 —

Knuts Still Cute
The orphaned polar bear that won the hearts of millions and caused some controversy as well is growing up. At 5 months he’s starting to look like a polar bear, and less like a stuffed toy. So far that hasn’t hurt his popularity too much as he’s still drawing in the crowds and setting his way to be an icon for preserving a species. CNN has a recent video at Yahoo.

Indiarctica Part 3
India is set to build their third station in Antarctica. They are going to “defy international opinion and set up a base in a planned Antarctic protected area to research the prehistoric origins of a Hindu holy river”. “The Godavari (River) would have flowed there about 130 million years ago when the continent was part of the Gondwana land-mass.” Hmm. Here’s one of the articles on it.

Arctic Seal Decides Florida Is the Perfect Place To Go To Retire & Die
Well, the arctic bearded seal, normally found near the north pole, that wandered down to a Florida canal has died. A day after being “rescued”. Scientists really don’t know why the seal ended up down there. I’m assuming the excellent country clubs. Article here.


  1. Friendly Penguin says:

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    I saw this magazine where it said that Knut was the cutest polar bear on earth or something like that. I agree with them.

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