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Jul 27, 2006
When He’s Not Looking

Great googly eyes! I think I’ve grown fond of that pitiful little penguin, I decided to give him a few more appearances in the comic and just maybe I’ll bring him back from time to time… if you are able to tolerate looking upon him again.

What’s With the Updates?

I’d like to say that I’ve been at Comic-Con for the extended weekend, but that was not the case. At least Osborne found a way to make it there without me… on a shirt. (thanks Gilead). So I’ve missed the con two years in a row now, when I started the comic last year I had hoped I might be able to have a table and book there by this year, but the book is still in development anyway, so maybe I’ll see some of you there by next year.

In actuality, I’ve just been real busy with projects. When you guys post, “when’s the next comic?!” I don’t mind, let’s me know the comic is loved. I feel bad it is not being updated so regularly this Summer. But I have these other people that are saying, “where’s that completed project?!”. I think as my readers you guys are my favorite, but these other people throw the money to pay the bills my way so they win this round. πŸ™‚

I went into the comic as a side project. I seemed to be able to keep up with them in my spare time. But they seem to take me longer to write and create these days. Maybe I’m more involved in it and giving it more love. So that combined with less spare time has cost the updates a bit. Hopefully many of you are out enjoying the summer anyway. I don’t know how though, it is so hot out there. Once I finish up the workload I have right now I will try and balance future projects with time for the comic.

In conclusion, the updates will be back up to five days a week soon. Thanks for sticking around and reading!

  • Canadian Mooseman

    Awesome woohoo!

  • CL

    lol thats messed up LOL

  • Justin

    Well you get done with your books, I think we should be able to wait for the next comics, I hope. This one was darn funny to.

  • Penguin Freak (Hannah)

    more comics coming daily!!!
    and, my dail penguin fact like i said there would be:

    Adelie and Emperor penguins are the only species that
    live on Antarctica for the entire year.

    and hey looking at the current weather in Antarctica thing,
    its pretty warm. its almost above freezing! πŸ˜€

  • scrany peguin.

    whtch way IS he looking.


  • :-/

  • Mysterygal

    Now that is a funny comic! LOL! =D

  • You know you’re going to have to give the scrawny little guy a name sometime.

    You really should have a “Name the Scrawny Little Penguin” Contest. Hmmm. Scrawny Little. No, it sounds like an LA TV news anchor.

    Maybe Gargle, because he has googly eyes but you can’t use Google.

    Or Squint. Or Ginchy. Or Dweep. Or you could honor the guy who came up with the idea and call him Wendell. Or you could DIShonor the guy who came up with the idea and call him Wendell.

  • Rolo

    Woo! Kickass new comic, Tyler. Always good to see you back on the job.

    You should sell your comic to newspapers and such, then all those evil billpaying types could leave you alone.

  • I guess being cock-eyed beats having eyes in the back of your head. That’s definitely a bird destined for terminal virginity.

  • BriGuy

    The scrawny little penguin’s eyes almost make him look like a chameleon. 😯

  • BriGuy


  • the scrawny penguin lover

    Hey cool comic Tyler! I like how you used a diffrent art form for the scrawny penguin in this comic than you did last time.

    wendellwit-that’s a great idea!

  • Dorlaem

    makes you wonder how he ever got hold of the rocks, the penguin looks like a madman πŸ™„

  • Penguin Freak (Hannah)

    i think the penguins IS part chameleon not just looks like one.

  • Penguin Freak (Hannah)

    hey its above freezing in Antarctica today! πŸ˜€

  • BriaN

    Curse Global warming! The penguins are in danger! its above freezing!!!!!! I don’t think that is actually true but whatever… good to see that you’re back on the job Tyler…

  • viochan

    I imagine Scrawny Penguin’s name being Horatio, Algernon, or Welford- and that when he speaks, he sounds like Sir David Attenborough πŸ™‚

  • BriGuy

    The way nobody can tell which way he is looking would make is making it hard for anybody to steal his rocks. He must have the ability to do that so he can make up for his scrawniness.

  • Penguin Freak (Hannah)

    hey its 1 degree in Antarctica today!
    its back to normal

  • izzieluv

    lol, he has a lazy eye. That penguin scares me.

  • Phizlo

    Hey, I knew that people can be crossed-eyed, but this is insane!!(and cool)
    From now on, I’ll call him Crossed-Eyed Paul. Hmm . . . sounds cool.

  • Hannah’s Cousin

    It’s like a heat wave in Antarctica!
    Yeah, wouldn’t the ice melt?
    It’s way above freezing.

  • Hannah’s Cousin

    Don’t you kind of feel sorry for the poor little adelie, withh its matted feathers and stuff?

  • Anonymous

    heh heh he still makes me laugh

  • Hannah’s Cousin

    I feel sorry for it : (
    I wonder what happened to it…

  • Penguin Freak (Hannah)

    hey Alexis (or Elizabeth)
    I don’t think anything happened to that penguin
    I think that it was just born weird and
    freaky lookin.
    well, anyway, todays penguin fact:

    Penguins can’t fly because of their hollow bones
    and the way they are shaped. They can
    swim about 15 miles an hour, though.

    hey that ones like 2 facts in one.
    well, if anyone has any questions about penguins,
    just ask me and im sure i’ll know the answer! πŸ˜€

  • Edi

    Thats a cool fact Hannah, 15? Really, woah.

  • Well,I can’t wait for the new comic..

  • the scrawny penguin lover

    Come on Canadian Mooseman we’re not going to start up the whole “when will there be a new comic” thing again.

  • Short story on the BBC website, Brazil’s air force and navy will be taking penguins stranded on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro back home….

  • Alexis (Hannah’s Cousin)

    Hannah you should tell the fact about penguins and seals…
    The scrawny penguin has really ‘realistic’ feet compared to Osbourne’s.
    And they’re really big for his body.

  • Anonamys

    Has anyone read the Wikipedia entry? Its pretty funny…

  • Phizlo

    Hey, Hannah (AKA Penguin Freak), if you give out daily penguin facts, will you also give out daily polar bear facts?

  • Alexis (Hannah’s Cousin)

    I’ll do that!
    Here’s your daily Polar Bear fact:

    The Polar Bear, is also known as the White bear, Northern bear, and Sea bear.

  • spyguy294

    hi every one.


    Having my own business I know how hectic it can get. Everybody wants their projects TODAY. However, I surely miss the comics, they always brighten my day. I hope that you get some time to post more frequently.

  • Alexis (Hannah’s Cousin)

    Hi People!!

    Here’s the daily Polar Bear Fact!
    The polar bear is well-adapted to its habitat, with a thick layer of blubber and white fur to camoflouge it from it’s prey.

    Hope a new comic comes soon, I wanna see it they build their Adelie home. And if it will be big enough for the two of them. : )

  • Edi

    Alexis, you forgot to mention that the skin of the polar bear is actually black while the fur is clear and appears yellowed or “white” because of teh way teh sun reflects off of it. Hollow clear hairs collect the most heat from the sun, and in such a cold environment that’s important to the bears πŸ™‚

  • Ashley

    I love the polar bear and penguin facts, keeps us entertained while we wait for the next comic! And great comic, Tyler! Keep it up!! πŸ˜€

  • Sev

    I propose we name the Penguin Herbert Henry Asquith.

  • Mac

    Hello everybody, I think its pretty cool that even though Tyler doesn’t have time to make comics you guys still support him. Rock on!

  • io

    I think gargle was a good name.

  • io

    Ohh, I forgot to say,HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCUS, this comic was funny!

  • Dorlaem

    ease with the sarcasm io :p

    can’t wait for todays fun polar bear fact hannah ^^

  • Alexis!!

    Thank you Edi, and Dorlaem, Hannah is my cousin (she does daily penguin facts) while I, do daily polar bear facts.

    Your daily polar bear fact is… (Drumroll please)…
    Polar bears eat a wide variety of food including: seals, birds, rodents, shellfish, and crabs. They even eat beluga whales and musk oxen but this is on the rare occasion that they catch one.

    This was todays daily polar bear fact. : )

  • Alexis :)

    Thank you Edi, and Dorlaem, my cousin Hannah does daily penguin facts and I do daily polar bear facts. Here it is…

    The polar bear eats many things, including; shellfish, birds rodents, fish and seals. Even beluga whales, and musk ox and very rarely other polar bears.

    That was your daily polar bear fact. Alexis

  • ed (Hannah’s Friend)

    why would they want to eat each other?
    that’s cannibalistic!

  • Holly

    I would buy a T-shirt with the ‘tard penguin on it. He is HILARIOUS!

  • SuperVegito

    how about naming the scrawny penguin Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Wan Aria Armeris πŸ˜›