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Nov 4, 2005
The Bird Is the Word

There are a lot of penguins there so Wally really has a full day of entertainment on his hands. Actually it should last him through the weekend. It’s fun to see Wally & Osbourne with other penguins as most of the time they are off on their own. I’m not sure what the other penguins think of them.

Since I was doing bird strips this week this one just kind of popped in my head. From an old song for those younger ones that may not remember it, or if you’re older and don’t remember it that might be a good thing. It was fun I guess. They started playing it a lot around the time Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics pro basketball team was popular. I believe the song was actually about a surfing bird, but aside from “the bird is the word” I believe the only lyrics were something like “Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow”. Good times.

  • Ann Vole

    Scary…I did the exact same thing when I was kid “haven’t you heard, ‘the bird’ is the word?” HaHa, it never gets old!

  • John Young

    I read this strip and couldn’t stop laughing. It was so ridiculous that it made it even more funny. It remained as my wall paper for about a week until I replaced it with another one of your strips.

  • “Surfing Bird” is by a Minnesota garage band called the Trashmen. It’s actually a melange of two songs by the Rivingtons – “Bird is the Word” and “Papa Oom Mow Mow”. Both of which are rather silly.

  • Turk3y

    Ok wow. The bird is the word is by the Ramones. The original punk band, and the song is called surfing bird. he says, mow mow all over the beat, and repeatedly says “when everyone knows that the bird if the word.” The song ends with a holler and some crazy beat boxing that was pretty revolutionary when the song came out. It was never really a good song, just a piece of history.

  • ok im lost. 🙁

  • Marko

    Approximate lyrics are here. The original song is by The Trashmen (from 1964) and it is a bizarre and infectiously fun surf classic:

    PS: I love how it’s used in the movie “Full Metal Jacket”.

  • Penguin Boy


  • weid

  • it came out to be, that she wasn’t the girl for m. Jumana Fanni.

  • lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Alex

    Don’t you know about the bird?

  • Concentrate, Wally! CONCENTRATE!!!