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Nov 13, 2006
Soccer Goal

I’ve mentioned it before, I played soccer as a kid, with the YMCA, and I was a short kid. I always got the number “1” shirt. This was not because I was the best player, but because I was the smallest, heh. The coach said my best position was as a goalie but he never put me in a game as the goalie, I guess because I was too short… or maybe he just said that in the first place to be nice… or sarcastic…

Restoration of the Huts!

Here’s some interesting news, campaigners, including some celebrities, are trying to secure UK funds for restoring the Antarctic Explorers Scott and Shackleton’s expedition huts. The very huts I based Wally & Osborne’s own new home on. Read the article at the BBC.

  • First Comment! Ha ha! =)

  • RW

    Heh, heh, thats awesome!

  • heehee!!! oh yeah third comment!!! woot! Tyler when is your b-day? i was just wondering, thanks! bye!

  • threee tenths of a point! hahaha!!! ok shutting up

  • oops i meant “three” not “threee”! NOW i shut up

  • Phizlo

    Tyler, that’s very clever. 🙂 I like playing soccer myself, only my legs always get kicked by other people. I like playing goalie. The ball hits my face so much, IT DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE!! 😀
    Wally should really need a good soccer ball.

  • Ishmael

    good job tyler, Phizlo your just like your Mini-Phil. Were they get a goalie net?

  • Lee

    Some penguins are on the pitch! They think it’s all over! …It is now! (The ball, that is…)

    [The above parodies a very famous soccer commentary, the original of which shouldn’t be too hard to find if anyone’s interested!]

  • Manvedi


  • Tux

    Ooooooooooooooooooooh nice new Wally and Osbourne favicon! 😀 (Shows beside the url in your browser’s location bar) Great comic again today. Keep it up Tyler.

  • grassed

    Uh, the money isnt going TOWARDS the lottery, it comes FROM the lottery. That would be pretty silly otherwise.

  • Martyn

    Like grassed says, the money comes from the lottery. I’m from England, where the news story was based and our National Lottery (Lotto) has to give a large percentage of the ticket money to charitable causes. They give money to a very wide range of causes, from local to international.

  • Jai Inder Singh

    LOL! Tyler got first comment. Now that is my kind of stylins. WAIT! UNless, oh no! THE OUTRAGE! SOMEONE IS STEALING NAMES AGAIN! Ok no, not at all. This soccer gives me a great idea though. Wally and Osborne vs. the Penguiarmy, as I’ve taken to calling it, in the MOST EPIC SOCCER MATCH OF THE CENTURY! Of course no one can beat an army of ridiculous looking, flightless birds. I know your thinking that perhaps our heroes could defeat such a force, but no! Not even if they wore capes and thongs!

  • just_another_penguin_lover

    Awwww they look like they were having so much fun! I would hate having to rebuild the ball everytime i had to kick it!!

  • HA HA HA HA HA I CANT BREATHE FROM LAUGHING LOL! Thats funny THAT must be the most funniest On The Rocks comic evah! Tears were falling out of my eyes! i havent done that in MONTHS! ha ha ha ha ha!

  • if it broke when he kicked it,how did he get the ball all the way to the soccer net?

  • Wally looks like a polar rabbit than a polar bear because his ears are a bit pointy im not making fun of him! im just sayin’….

  • SportyBlonde!

    Awesome comic!!! and the new thing by the url is cute too.
    But I think that Pokemon information should be left for the chatbox, not here…

  • Jonah

    Cool. Wahts the next sport … Football?(Ouch)

  • Hey Poke’mon dude. I said I liked Poke’mon, bit I still don’t agree with this. Why don’t you check out I’m sure you’ve already been there, but… Forget it. Just do what you want. But Tyler will probably delete them or worse. Ban you! Do it at your own risk! Beware Ohhhhhh… Just kidding. Nice work Tyler. Here in Germany, Soccer is very popular. But we call it Fussball. It’s pronounced Football though. I don’t really know what they call Football than. I guess it’s just not as popular over here as it is in the states.

  • Wyrdo

    Uhh am i onlythe one that calls it football, soccer is american, i am english ahh well great comic tyler

  • Jai Inder Singh

    I am a Bulgarian Umbrella salesman.

  • Hey everyone!
    I’m warning to me or my facts will be GONE!! RESPOND TO MY COMMENTS!
    Polar bears are usually mistaken to live in Antarctica, but they only live at the North pole.

    A simple fact…but for the beginers. Pokemon Fact Giver,I watch pokemon and like its just pokemon have nothing to do with W&O!
    P.S. My favorite character is May.

  • It’s called football, not soccer. Filthy American 😉

  • Ferrety Penguin

    wow… that was a pretty sweet kick
    i think wally deserved a little more then three tenths though….

  • Anonymous

    I like Anonymous better than Blank. Anyway this rewminds me of a Foxtrot comic when they play baseball with snowballs

  • BriGuy

    Ha, Love the three tenths points. Osborne will probably take advantage of Wally by adding up the wrong scores, unless, of course, Wally is smart enough to add fractions… Nah!

    Love your first comment thing, Tyler. 😆

  • Penguin Boy

    Waly and Osborne seem to be CRAZY about sports.

  • Penguin Boy

    Sorry,I ment “Wally” not “Waly”.

  • purple people eater

    Like I said I’m putting up Killer Whale( or Orca) facts
    Ok here it goes
    Orcas are the largest member of the dolphin family

    Hehe If I was kicking it wouldn’t even go in the goal

  • just to tell you ive said bye to Pokemon. *sniff* *sniff and now Polar Penguin a mix up of W&O. AND THERES A POKEMON LIKE A PENGUIN NAMED POCHAMA AND A BEAR NAMED URSARING good bye Pokemon *small sob*

  • Peinguin Master

    funny funny but it needs more whats the word oh pizas not the food the word that means excitment

  • If it broke when Wally kicked it, how did it NOT break when Wally kicked it to to the goal? Pokemon i miss you!!!! *sob*

  • “PENGUIN” Master you spelled “penguin wrong

  • Does any1 think Wally looks like a Polar Rabbit? cause his ears are pointy
    Im not making fun of him im just saying. When Osborne looks down,it looks like his head is dislocated

  • Does any1 think Wally looks like a Polar Rabbit? cause his ears are pointy
    Im not making fun of him im just saying. When Osborne looks down,it looks like his head is dislocated

  • i think wally should get 5 10ths becouse look at the snow that went in the air and went in the net and the small peices look like if you put it together it will be about half of the snowball or soccersnow LOL!

  • kaiti

    I LOVE IT!

  • SportyBlonde!

    Haha. 5/10ths is equal to 1/2. but I think that 5/10ths sounds better!
    Wally does kinda look like a rabbit, if you think about it.
    I love Osborne’s expression in the frst panel. So excited

  • SportyBlonde!

    Hey Tyler, how long does it take you to make a full comic?

  • Cristina

    I love the clouds in the background. 🙂

  • Cristina

    I can’t tell in the first panel if Osborne is excited or scared…

  • kaiti you love what my name or my comment?

  • It’s me again. Nice comic Tyler. Keep up the good work. Alright, fine! I can’t think of anything good to say. What is this, a forum? Speaking of which, why doesn’t anyone notice me? I change my name, I talk to you guys, and what are the results? NOTHING!

  • Carlyneese???




  • hey people
    that last comment wasn’t me, just to let u know.
    and im NOT doing penguin facts again, unless at least
    10 people say they want them back and promise to pay
    attention to them.

    i like the word SPLUSH.
    and i dont think that Wally looks like a polar rabbit.

    hey tyler i like ur comment 🙂

  • purple people eater

    You are much better at facts then me.
    Whats up with the polar rabbit. Wally looks like a

  • Cristina

    I think if you want to do facts, it is your own business, but i’m not going to complain either way, HOWEVER, they were pretty interesting… 😉

  • SportyBlonde!

    I liked your facts, Hannah, and I’m sure that other people did too, but it’s all up to you!!! 😉

  • kaiti

    lol i know its a little late to post a comment for yesterdays piece but anyways i read it to my brother and he loves it, we both do. But imagine Wally’s dissapointment when he put so much work into making that snowball soccer and then have only parts of it score into the goal.