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Feb 27, 2007
Quest For the Beak: Part II (Polar Bear Day)

It’s already International Polar Bear Day again. Yay for Polar Bears! Osborne has to spend this one alone while his big buddy searches for his beak. I see those tears guys, don’t be ashamed. Hopefully Wally finds it soon though… because it’s kind of morbid drawing Osborne without it.

Updates are a little slow right now. It’s more time on these and I’ve been busy trying to finish up some projects to go on vacation next week. After that it will be my main concentration to get the updates regular again, and yes, get the book finished. It will be a nice break, haven’t been on vacation in a while. Going to try and go to Sea World as part of the vacation, check out the latest their “Arctica” exhibit area has to offer, maybe get some good inspiration.

I want to thank everyone again who has purchased original art, such support of the comic is really keeping it at the forefront of my projects and hopefully some day it will be my full-time project. Also thanks to those that have run ads, especially the Running In the Halls ad up there currently running, go check that comic out, it’s a lot of fun, it stars a teacher and is actually written by a teacher.

The original art for this comic is available on the Original Art Sale page.

And you might want to revisit the Polar Bear Day comic from last year too. Can’t believe it’s already been another year.


March 03, 2007
I really wanted to get the rest of this storyline posted before vacation, but I’ve had a lot of projects to finish up right up to my departure and wasn’t able to. I’m really looking forward to it and having fun drawing these, but I’ll have finish it up when I get back, see you in a week.

  • I want osbourne to have his beak back, he looks so.. …hmm, wrong?
    Poor penguin!

  • Lee

    This is such a touching strip, it almost seems ungrateful to point out a spelling error, but I guess somebody has to do it: in panel 3 “who’s” should read “whose”.

  • WWWOOOOOOHHOOOOOO!!!!! Top three! Great comic Tyler

  • I salute to you Wally.

  • Osborne’s dexterity continues to amaze me.

  • Sarah

    aww…this is soo sad…

  • {GiGi}

    If only he’d know that Wally’s on a quest…

  • HAPPY POLAR BEAR DAY!!!! Don’t worry little buddy! Wally will be back soon! With your beak in hand.

  • LTaniki

    Sad comic. 🙁
    P.S. If you don’t know me I was Prevously Ishmael. 😀

  • Phizlo

    Happy Polar Bear Day! Poor Osborne, I miss Wally already. I can’t believe that a another Polar Bear Day came. It’s been a long time. When a year goes by, you won’t know what hit you. 😉 I made a snowman today, to celebrate Polar Bear’s Day. Why didn’t I make a snow Wally instead?! 🙁 Hope Osborne gets his beak back . . . and Wally eats those imported chocolates. 😎 Boy, I had a lot to say today! 😉

  • A very sentimental comic! Happy Polar Bear Day!

  • penguinman23

    thats really sad. Thats the sadest one ever!

  • u guys wont beleive this,but i auctually cried a bit. 😥 i feel so bad for osborne. not even my funny friend can cheer me up. 🙁

  • awww…poor Osborne.(:(

  • I Are Sadder 🙁

  • poor little Osborne!!! waaaaaa!!!! i am so depressed now…..*sob* 😥 🙁

  • PG-13

    sas oseborn

  • hey people
    this is so sad!!! 😥
    poor Osborne!!
    he looks so pathetic!

  • shikra

    This comic was so sad. 🙁 i was about to cry. I hope osborne will get his beck back soon.

  • Sheena

    AAAWWW… he’s so sad! 😥 Osborne A. Penguin, I cried too. Poor little Osborne! 🙁 Always thinking of his polar bear friends wit his imported chocolates… 🙁

    On a happy note, though, I turned in my report today! 🙂 YAY ME!! Oh and also, thanks to everyone for not helping me when I asked nicely for it. It’s okay, just send me imported chocolates. 🙂

  • Sheena

    They should have a post-poalr bear day celebration. 🙂

  • shikra

    sorry i ment beak before. Happy Polar Bear Day!!!! 🙂

  • laserguy

    Which Seaworld are you heading to? Just at the airport heading home from the San Diego version. Their Penguin house is still closed! It has been closed for a looong time, I guess they are repairing the glass which is large and hard to source, or at least that’s the excuse I was given. One of the polar bears was quite active when we were there playing with a box and a ball in the water. Quite a sturdy box I must say as it stood up to repeated double front paw “ice smashes”! Quite enjoyed seeing that. One of the p-bears at the SD Zoo was a bit goofy getting his head stuck in a traffic cone! I think they had put a treat inside and he had his snout right in there trying to get it out. Not very dignified at all, must be related to Wally! He heh!

  • Carlyneese!1!

    Thats so cute. We need to celebrate Wallys day + osbourn. there is a true friend for you. Both of them so loving toward each other its so cute.

  • This is touching… I told my friends that it was polar bear day and they either didn’t believe me to asked how I knew that… in memory of it being polar bear day I went to AM PM and bought a klondike bar…

  • Cristina

    awwwwwww. i remember last polar bear day was so sentimental to.
    Yay for polar bears!
    Happy polar bear day!

    remember for next year February 23 is Curly fry day just so you know.

    and i hope osborne gets his beak back, he looks depressing.

  • wally


  • penguinluvr20

    awwwwwwww! this is so sad!!!!!!!! i nearly cried!!!!!!!!!! i didnt know osbourne had a sensitive side!

  • poor osborne, he looks so pathetic. i think i’m about to cry…… *sniffle*… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! :sob: 😥

  • Happy Polar Bear Day!!! I like these touching strips!

  • Argh! If I had emotions, I’d be cryin’ right now! Argh…

  • Vom

    Will Hero Wally come back with the beak? Or will he be a no-show?

  • Penguin Boy

    😥 Aww… Poor Osborne. I feel really 😥 sorry for you little buddy. I always have you in my thoughts every day :cry:.

  • This is so depressing I just want to crawl into a hole with rats,bugs, and spiders in it. Then I want the hole to be washed with gasoline. Then I want to be set on fire, shot and stabed repeatedly, until my death. So please don’t do another one like this. It just might mean my death. I hope Wally finds the beak!

  • lol 😆 hey Wallys Evil Twin! LOVE that picture you posted here. thats the oppsisite of what Wally does to Osborne!!! 🙂

  • my sadness has been partly lifted,
    bcuz I GOT A PENGUINS IS SERIOUS SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    im wearing it right now and plan to wear it tomorrow!!!!!!!!! 😀
    yay 😀

  • shikra

    I’m a little less sad bcuz…………….i’m goin to walt disney world! i’m packing right now but i’ll talk to u guys later. :):):):):):):):):)

  • Aww…
    Poor Osborne.

    Hopefully Wallky gets a clue and brings osborne’s beak back..But, wally is kinda stupid so…^.^

  • when is tyler going to make another comic?!!!!!


  • *starts to cry* Wally, please find the beak!!!! OSBORNE MISSES YOU!!!! *ends crying*

    so yeah anyways take your time tyler, you said these will take a little longer to make, and I agree with that, they look really good and they are big;

    so just take your time.

  • someone whose name you need not know


  • BriGuy

    Wow. Another great strip this makes me want Wally to find Osborne’s beak even more. Once again I like the hand drawn strips.

    I especially like the first panel. 🙂

  • poor poor osbourne

  • 🙁

  • :’-(

  • a whole nother week???????? we already waited one!! *laughing while crying insanely*

    well i guess ill just have to be patient and die from the suspense.

  • Phizlo

    Hope you have a nice vacation! 😉 Just don’t make it too long! 🙂 I guess that I’ll have to wait another week and get killed by suspense again . . .