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Mar 29, 2006
Polar Bear Training: Caught

Now that’s just wrong. You should always lick penguins in the direction the feathers are growing.

This brings us to the end of the polar bear training where we learn you just can’t teach a new polar bear old tricks and some things are best just the way they are.

Global Warming Continues Its Popularity

I always include global warming news items since I started talking about the subject… being it immediately effects Antarctica and even polar bears. Mostly it’s the same stuff but every once in a while there are some new developments or bits of interest.

Both National Geographic and the Associated Press have recent articles discussing the melting ice raising sea levels drastically by the end of the century. I guess now is the time to get cheap future beachfront property for my retirement.

According to the BBC, Tony Blair has called for a “technological revolution comparable to the internet” to slow global warming. He has good reason to be concerned, I saw a special on TV the other day showing the posibility of glacial melt cooling the end of the Gulf Stream “conveyor” that brings warm water to western Europe. It could result in much of the UK becoming a winter wasteland.

Finally everyone, we can be “officially” worried because Time says so. Maybe we “should” have listened to all those crazy climate scientists.

  • Lee

    #Don’t go changin’ to try to please me…#

  • Nice one yet again. Good work Tyler

  • James

    I like how wally’s eye’s are just short from deranged in the last shot πŸ™‚ Family Guy does a lot of those bottom eye-lid shots.

  • antarticus

    polar bears have retractable claws? who new!?! πŸ™‚

  • Adam

    Pfft, Tony Blair has no reason to be concerned – if global warming does nearly destroy the world, he along with all the other rich people and/or politicians will be fine.

    Anyway, technology will help but it won’t fix the problem anyway – our current lifestyles are unsustainable.

    He’s proboably just trying to distract peoples attentions from his continual attempts to turn the UK into a dictatorship.

  • Ashley

    lol!!! keep it up! πŸ˜€

  • zoomcamera

    I like how you put his bottom eyelids up

  • Izzieluv


  • Bottom eyelids? Why, those are eyeball saucers, Wally is just soaking his eyes in eyeball saucers.

  • Wally is just washing Osbourne like a mother cat does to her kittens.

    Like everything else, 20/20 hindsight about global warming is too little too late.

  • Lee

    The worst of it is, global warming would be a lot worse if it wasn’t for all the dust and soot pollution in the atmosphere (you know, the stuff that was going to cause an ice age back in the 70s? The only reason it didn’t was that global warming worked faster).

  • YoSis

    We seem to be missing the part in this comic where Wally shreds Osbournes little vest coat in half. Can we get the behind the scenes directors cut of that Ty?

  • Cameron Stankich

    I LOVE these comics! They’re so funny!

  • Bryan

    I’ve been reading these since the link from pvponline – hilarious. Great work on this one as always!

  • bobo

    Tyler wera’s today’s comic

  • hahahahahahahah! I just hope they stay whole friends, not pieces of friends

  • also good work tyler best guy ive evr know, keep up the awsome work!

  • dude licking your friends belly isnt going to solve problems
    its just plain wrong πŸ˜› πŸ™

  • if wally was kidding howd he pull out the whale

  • πŸ™