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Aug 24, 2005
Leopard Seal: Seal Club

We’ve seen several Orcas (Killer Whales) in the comic so far. Though at the top of the food chain in Antarctica, Orcas are not the biggest threat to penguins as their diet consists mainly of fish and secondly of seals. Penguins are pretty quick and kind of small to be worth their effort. However penguins are still careful to stay clear of them and out of the water when they are near.

So… there is another creature that loves him some penguin, also at the top of the Antarctica food chain, and that is the Leopard Seal. Named for its massive jaws and its spotted fur, it is the most ferocious looking of seals, these guys even feed on other seals. This is the true predator of penguins. Their head is often described as being reptilian. They sort of slither low on the ice and spend most of the time in the water. In fact, Osbourne is really not in much danger here, his little waddle is much more efficient on the ice compared to the sluggish Leopard Seal out of water. In the water would be another story.

I know seal clubbing is kind of a serious issue for some, so I apologize to those sensitive to the subject. You’ll have to excuse Wally’s ignorance. It is unfortunate that Canada still practices the art of seal pup massacre for their skins to this day.

Sorry to leave on a sad note. There’ll be another funny comic tomorrow to put a smile back on your face.

  • Tukadian

    I somewhat resent you saying about Canada slaughtering seal pups. The mother of my baby girl (We’re not together) is an inuit from Pond Inlet, and her family has to hunt Seals just to survive up there. The only other food source there is the few fish, Narwhales and Caribou, but Caribou isn’t that healthy. Anyway, I know seal cub poaching is exploited in some other areas of my country, but in some it is an absolutely necessary part of daily life.

  • Tukadian

    Funny comic though

  • RW

    The record for the most dangeris pinniped is the Leopard Seal

  • you-dont-know-me

    :-) :-)
    osbourne looks so cute like that in the third box
    i cant stand it im a fan of osbourne :-)

  • bobo

    look at this:)

  • bobo
  • bobo

    RW Says:

    March 30th, 2006 at 9:28 am
    The record for the most dangeris pinniped is the Leopard Seal

    this was me.

  • eris

    Tukadian, it is an entirely different affair when you kill an animal and eat it/use it for survival. That is not what the joke refers to, those people who are actually utilizing a resource for daily life and survival.

    The joke refers specifically to those outrageous and unneccesary exploitations of a resource solely for one purpose, profit. Don’t feel offended, it was perhaps a far too general statement regarding Canada instead of “parts of Canada” but that’s about all I would say was wrong.

  • axis


  • carlyneese

    ha ha ho

  • crazycat12

    if i was wally i would say no way osbourne that would be way to barbaric

  • ghaozong

    :mrgreen: smart

  • Whoisit

    Wow, wally. Only club seals when they are about to eat your pal alive. Or when they attack YOU. Then you club the seal. 😛

  • http://UNKNOWN Osbourne

    Strange props…

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