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Aug 16, 2005
Fish Fallen Out of Water

Fish falling out of water and then evaporating is sad. : (

  • opique

    Sad, yet funny.

  • Nathan

    That one really made me laugh.

  • notice the *munch munch*
    part 😉

  • bobo

    opique i was going to say that

  • dood

    Fish do not avaporate!

  • wwaaaahhhhh.

  • Izzieluv

    Wally’s gullable

  • funny and smart

  • someone

    this comic is very,VERY sad. 🙁

  • crazycat12

    osbourne could be a profecional fish doctor his catch phrase could be he evaporated

  • crazycat12

    how do you spell profecional

  • WALLY3330


  • no more fishy? 😮 !!! have no fear, penguinman is here! 😛 !!! errm… i dunno what to do. carry on. 😐 .

  • Catherine

    We will now remember the bravery of the fish
    And remember the evaporation
    R.I.P Fish 😆

  • Whoisit

    wow… this is the most funny but sad comic EVER! ❗

  • Notice the ‘munch munch’ part. Osborne was EATING the fish.=)

    • baybay2

      everyone knows that you big dumb idiot!

  • I need to learn that ”trick”

  • Sally

    In case you don’t know Osbourne actually ate that fish

  • 45Liger

    That went by fast.

  • baybay2

    hey45 liger, um watch adult swim, it funny