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Dec 20, 2006
Drying Off

Yep, not only do polar bears shake like a dog, but they roll around and slide themselves on the snow to get dry. Penguins like Osborne start off with a shake and then some good old preening.


Speaking of snow, we got more snow here yesterday than we have combined in the last two years, there was still snow falling this morning. I always figure if it’s going to be cold, there might as well be some snow. It’s really pretty, everything is just draped in white. Maybe I’ll go create a Pop Rocks and Soda snowman scene in the front yard.

  • SportyBlonde!

    1st comment! Yay!
    Wally looks so silly in the last pannel

  • SportyBlonde!

    Ha I just noticed that he has floaties too!!!! That’s so cute! I love it, Tyler!

  • qtpa2tnh

    Love Wally in the last panel , and his hair , Billy Idol ! Rock the Craddle of Love,and Dancing with Myself , are good songs from Billy Idol !

  • Hermes

    Great comic 🙂

  • hey people
    in the last panel it looks like Wally got electricuted.
    i like how the speech bubble got wet too.
    its just an awesome comic all around. 😀

    and Tyler, you need to get working on that book…
    its been page 1 out of 72 for a long time…

  • haha!! osborne looks soooo hilarious when he’s wet!!! and i love “dry” wally!! he does look like he has been electrocuted! sweet comic tyler 😀
    but yes you need to work on the book…. oh and Happy Holidays!!!

  • Tux

    Wally looks hilarious in all the panels. I wonder if we’re going to get into another debate of the proper name for floaties, water-wings and whatever else they are known as now. 🙂

    Keep up the great work 😀

  • Aw, Wally’s just got the frizzies. No electrocution here, folks. Move along.

    As for your comment about the snow… if you do a “pop rocks and soda” snowman tableau, we expect PICTURES. 🙂

  • I get frizzy hair just like Wally! 😀

    Here is a whole paragraph of facts!!!! JUMBO PACK

    Did you know….

    Emperors are near the top of the Southern Ocean’s food chain.
    They seem clumsy on land but when they are in water, their shape gives them great agility. They are also very strong birds and their strength and agility make them very effective predators.

  • Man… That’s not fair. Once again I’ll tell you, I live in Germany, and it usally snows a lot hee. But it hasn’t yet, and studies show Global Warming might be the culprit. That sucks. But over here the colder months are usally January and Febuary. BNut that won’t help the skiing trip my family has planned this Christmas. Nice comic Tyler. That would suck if Wally had been electrocuted. He might die. When I first opened this comic I thought the title said “Dieing off” and I got scared someone was gonna die. Nice fact E.P. I only know Billy Idol from “The Wedding Singer”. I want to see pictures of the real life Pop Rox and Soda fiasco if you do do it. Sorry for taking up space.

  • We haven’t seen the Northeren Fact book in awhile. Nice comic Tyler. Ha! Even Osborne’s speach got wet. You need to do some serious book work my man. Get on it!

  • {GiGi}

    Aww, how poofy he is and look at those adorable eyes ^^

  • How did he dry his feet without moving them? 😛

    Great one!

  • zeel

    LOLLOLLOLLOL funnnnyyyyyyyyyyy

    yes if you do make thos snow men we want picturs

  • Ace

    You should make a backround of wally all skaken up!! :mrgreen:

  • LOL! 😀 wally looks sooooo cute. that reminds me of my dog. we bathe her and we end up as the wet ones!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! keeep it up tyler!!!!!!

  • make a holiday one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 eh? LOL!!!!! youd male it hilarous!!!!!!!! 😉

  • Ace

    HEY!!!!On the pop rocks and soda comic you said you LIKED Mythbusters!YAY I`m not yhe only one ! 🙂 😉 :yes: 80

  • btw you need to make more comics i look at some oldies today and you did one every day!!!!!! plz ?!?! 🙁 btw i live in fl. and it never snows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god, i envy you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 >:0

  • hey tyler where do u live bcuz here we havent gotten any snow the high yesterday was n da 60’s! last week n da 70’s! i live in virginia

  • Ace

    Hey wait!Why does everyone chat in the morning!

    P.S.On every wenesday there is a new mythbusters!
    So i hope you have that DVR thing!

  • zeel

  • Hermes

    Ace, I like Mythbusters too 🙂 But where I live now theres no TV 🙁

  • Ace

    Very sad,Hermes


  • Ace


  • zeel


  • i think you should make a holiday one, too.
    i had a thanksgiving comic to put in my Happy Thanksgving email
    but no comic to put in my Merry Christmas email. i was looking for one too…

  • lol, he’s so cute :p

    merry christmas ppl, and a happy new year, in case I won’t comment ’till the next year :p

  • here is your daily obvious penguin fact:
    penguins normally dont accociate with polar bears.

    he he he! with wally looking like that, this just screams for a tshirt!!!!!!!
    $$$$$ in da bank $$$$$

  • Phizlo

    Wally seems to be a puffy porcupine in the last panal. 🙂
    I shake my head after when I sneeze. 😀

  • Hi!

    Hi, wally looks so funny in the last panel.

  • I feel bad for Osborne

  • Hi, notice my name is backwards;’=l[.;\]

  • I just blackmailed my friend!

  • sorry, that was chuckles. he stole the computer

  • zeel

    I originely started reeding on the rocks at web site cald but thay srartid repeting comics so I serched and fond this site and I just revewd all preveis comics and thay cut down or got rid of all the 2 line strips at that other site and thay allso got rid of some others or cut them to sise I am glad I revewd or I wald have mist alot . 🙁

  • Ishmael

    That last panel is some-what creepy

  • ostrich girl

    Osborne looks funny when he’s wet.
    ha! and i just noticed Wally’s feet are fluffy too!
    how’d they get fuzzy?

  • Anonymous

    that needs to be an icon

  • funbrain is repeating comics from last year. r u no longer accociated with funbrain anymore tyler?

  • Ferrety Penguin

    wally loks sweet in the last panel…he’s like a white porcupine..

  • Cristina

    Gave my dog a bath tuesday night, she looked a lot skinnier.

  • :mrgreen:

  • :mrpoop:

  • :mrred:

  • :mrtyler:

  • sorry i was trying new smileys

  • Ace

    :mrpoop: was unappropriat!!

  • Ace

    Oh yeah 49th comment!!One more!!

  • Ace

    50th OH YEAH!!Sorry I could`nt resist!!!!!! 🙂