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Sep 25, 2006
Digging To the North Pole

Wally and Osborne aren’t morons, just a bit naive. It’s actually about 7,926 miles from the south pole to the north pole. If they could average five feet an hour they could be there in about 955 years. This is of course based on them maintaining that digging speed going through rock and metal as well as being burned up from the heat of the earth’s core (Actually little is known about the earth’s core but scientists speculate that it is made up of iron and nickel and reaches temperatures over 9000°F).

  • i forget

    i’d help them

  • zomg 2 in 1 day nice tyler!

  • no wate, we traveled back to the future

  • Jesse

    Zack!!! no talky of future stuff remember!!!! And i strongly suggest to wally amd osborne that they stop right there before they get fried.

  • BriGuy

    It’s a magic hole, go in (burn up) and you never come out.

    As for digging to the north pole, go for it, if you don’t mind wasting your entire life.

  • BriGuy

    Good job Tyler, your making the lost comics up. I can’t wait to stop time traveling, I”m getting time machine sick. Just kidding.

  • bigd-wadefan

    LOL!says digdwadefan

  • Sheena

    Gee, fried polar bear with a side of roast Adelie penguin. Mmmmm… 🙂

  • Sheena

    Sorry Tyler! I don’t want that to happen to Wally and Osbourne! 🙁

  • is that really u tyler? i mean in my next post i can pretend to be u sorta

  • Zack


  • Mysterygal

    I like this one. Don’t forget the mashed potatoes as a side dish. Mmmmm.

  • Zack

    the snow next to the hole looks like mash potatoes. but no gravy?

  • Zack

    Hey! That up there wasn’t me! Joe…

  • Jai Inder

    WOOT! Time has never been more confused. Time’s not straight anyway, so you guys can quit your “time machine sick” whining. Don’t worry, you’ll be back here one day and you’ll say something like “$@#&, he was right.”

    moving on

    Maybe I’ll just have to say it again… YOu can do it if you read minds! Otherwise…get a life. This time it’s goat cheese. I love goat cheese.

    I think it would be cool if those two up there (you know…) (ok I’ll say Wally and OsbOUrne) (Please bring back the “u”) So how turned their considerable resistance to cold into a considerable resistance to 9000 degree heat, and made it to the center and found them selves suspended in the very middle between all that gravity…wow that would be so intense that they would probably buckle under the pressure from all directions. Gravity would pull them into the exact center of the planet and….
    ok I am making up physics. Anyway good, but foolish comic.

  • Remember those creatures from flying-suacer mythology, the Dero? They were horrible cyborg-type creatures who lived in the hollow Earth, and caused misery to humanity with their destructo-rays!! Anyway, I sure hope Wally and Osborne don’t encounter any Dero.

  • Flux

    Gravity pushing from both sides of the earth?

    Actually gravity is everywhere in the universe, and because the earth is a large object, you’re pulled towards it from either side you approach it until you reach the centre of the earth, but there is gravity between you and every other object on this planet (besides earth’s gravity)

    The thing is that gravity only is noticable when you’re talking about atleast one object being insanely big (moon-planet-sun sized)

    Iirc it’s one of Newtons laws orso?
    That every object in the universe (size doesn’t matter) has a gravitational force to every other object in the universe.

  • Hey Peter, I just wrote you that e-mail, but I hope you check this site.

  • Phizlo

    I’d help them, too. But Wally has got to learn digging down to the North Pole is a very bad idea.

  • ton

    phil sucks

  • phil

    i do

  • Zack

    you know i like gravy

  • BriGuy

    I wonder if Wally’s Antarctica book has anything to say about NOT digging to the center of the earth and becoming vaporized by the heat.

    Although knowing Wally and Osborne’s brain power they would probably dig to the middle of the ocean or China or someplace.

    Good comic. 😛

  • Joepro

    Sorry zack

  • Zack

    its kool, and up there THAT WAS ME
    im the realy one!!!!!!! and joe, keep it up and see what happens

  • JOE!

  • I’m going to start banning IP’s. I was just going to ban the person causing trouble, but there are three of you.

    I provide this as an area to discuss the comic or posts that go with it. Harrassment of other people, posting as them or impersonating me won’t be tollerated. It’s just cluttering up the place.

    Keep it fun, I don’t want to have to play comment cop around here, I’m busy enough. You know this is me because this comment won’t be deleted. Thanks guys. Now I got comics to catch up on…

  • Jai Inder Singh

    That’s telling the B’s (“sorry to use harsh letters”), Tyler! Way to go!

  • Listen, i was the person who’s name was ” Am I Tyler Martin” I meant it compleatly as a joke, not to impersonatte you. So I’m really sorry. Please Forgive me =(

  • Sheena

    I want my new comic!!!!! WAHHHHH! *sniff* 🙁 🙁

  • Cat

    Soo, what happens if Wally and Osbourne keep digging, but happen to be on a portion of Antarctica that’s ice? Would they just fall through? How would they climb back up? What if the ice hole froze over? Would they have to keep swimming until they got to the edge? What if it froze them in place? What if they got stuck and a killer whale or a big seal came by?? Oh My God, What IF They DIE??!!
    No, Wally and Osbourne, don’t do it! Turn back before it’s too late!

  • Phizlo

    OMG, I never thought that! Cat, why did you make me worry about my favorite comic!?

  • S.Dolphin

    LA LA LA LA I’m not listening to Cat and Phizlo

    Hey Tyler , what about the two Hannahs…. by the way where is THE REAL Hannah and her I.D. person???

  • S.Dolphin

    oh i just read saturday and now i know Joerpeo or what evr is called is the identity theif. GOT IT (I say that a lot )

    But where is Hannah the Penguin Freak

  • Hey people! Here’s your penguin fact.

    Penguins are flightless sea birds. They can be many different colors from the chest up. Most species have black backs and white fronts. Penguins are able to control their body temperature on land by facing either their black back or white front to the sun. This coloration also camouflages them in the water. They have a thick layer of blubber that helps keep them warm.

  • In a totally unrelated note: the first few penguins have reappeared on the PenguinCam.

  • Phill

    I doubt they’d get incinerated, even if they did get through some rock. It would heat up gradually to a point where they realised it’s a bad idea, and turn back.

    Flux: If they survived a dig to the centre of the earth, the effects of gravity in all different directions would all cancel each other out, and they’d feel weightless. Strange but true ;).

    That’s gonna be a seriously roomy bear-hole tho

  • Phill

    Wait, sorry Flux… That middle paragraph was directed to Jai Inder. My mistake.

  • okay people
    someone has stolen my identity again

  • let me go get a shovel

  • frank

    good idea ill get one too

  • sup! Yo Tyler keep up the good comixXXXXXXXXXx this is one of my favorite comix peace keep it real dawg!!!!!!!!!

  • ostrich girl

    5 bucks says they’ll give up within the first hour