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Dec 26, 2005
Deserted Island: Stranded

In addition to not knowing which way to go, it’s probably kind of hard to tell direction when the sun is just circling in the sky and there are no stars… and your island is moving. Stuck on an island with Wally, at this point we can only wonder if Osbourne might be safer in the water with the leopard seal.

Japan Ups Its Whale Hunting In Antarctica

Greenpeace has been busy lately trying to interfere with Japanese whalers in Antarctica that have doubled their planned whale catch as well as including rare and endangered species. Also, Australia in general is not happy with it and things could get ugly. Japan claims it’s research but critics say it’s a cover for commercial whaling as whale meat is a delicasy in high class Japanese restaurants. In 1986, Japanese commercial whaling was abandoned in line with an international moratorium, but the following year came back with what it called a “research program” of hunting whales. Track original articles via Yahoo! News:

Greenpeace: Japan resumes whaling after escape bid
Greenpeace says Japanese whaling hunt back on in Antarctica
Group Claims to Halt Japanese Whaling Hunt
Greenpeace, Japanese whalers still at sea — and at odds

  • A polar bear that can’t swim? Is that one of Wally’s little personal quirks?

  • Lee

    Japan Ups Its Whale Hunting In Antarctica:

    “Funny thing is, they make such bloody good cameras.” – Dr Strangelove

  • Sev

    A high-chocolate diet does that to bears.

    Good survival tip.

  • Somebody should get that Seal some floss. I hope he wasn’t smiling with his mouth full, because that would be rude.

    Also, I agree with John — I thought all polar bears could swim.

  • If Penguin is anything like chicken, floss is definitely needed here.

    Actually, the Australian people are upset over the Japenese slaughtering whales under the guise of “research” but the Government is remaining tight lippped about it all.

  • I thought I’d add this thought, since it just popped into my brain. I like the fact that the comic is funny and the comments below are informative. Since the comic is kept so “clean”, I will be passing it on to friends with children.

  • John, yes, one of many, heh. You’ll notice other pictures of Wally at the beach always with his orange water wings on.

    Lee, heheh, I finally saw that movie after all these years a few weeks ago when I added it to my Netflix que. Funny stuff.

    Kevin, one article quotes the Australian government as saying it is a cover for commercial hunting, but of course that could be one person from one cabinet. Also “Australia has declared a whale sanctuary in a large swathe of the Southern Ocean that it considers to be its Antarctic territory but the refuge is not recognized by Japan.” But in general yeah, they seem to not be pushing the issue too much or supporting the people’s outrage.

    Julie, you can also send them to Funbrain where the comic and specific to the comic comments appear. Then they are assured kid friendly surfing. I try to keep the comic all ages but I can’t guarantee what people may post or what may be at some links I post.

  • eris

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the seal is drawn, black with nothing but a huge grin and evil little slits for eyes…Well done!

  • someone should give him some floss.

  • too bad

  • The leopard seal is watching you. He knows where you live……..Osborne, he’s gonna get ya!

    SEAL!!!!!!!!!!! SILLY WALLY! 😕


    Wally, the seal is EVIL. 👿 E-V-I-L 👿 . If that’s a smile, it’s an evil one. Heh heh heh.
    Osborne, remember there’s always the killer whales to let eat you if you don’t like seals. Heh heh heh

  • Ella Enchanted(the book)

    ok, i’ve listed all of wally’s quirks:
    1.He’s real small for a poler bear
    2.he’s a vegetarian who eats imported chocolates
    3.he’s,uh,how do i say this,not the sharpest tool in the,no.” creative”

  • Ella Enchanted(the book)

    ooh make that 5.he can’t swim

  • Osbourne

    The seal looks like The Cheshire Cat