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Dec 28, 2005
Deserted Island: Snowconuts

Snow coconuts are probably a lot easier to open than real coconuts. Whenever I get a coconut it usually sits in the fruit basket till it goes bad. Apparently I don’t really know how to open them as it usually just results in a mess which was preluded by violent acts with various crude instruments.

I think I’m fighting sickness but I have too much coffee in me to know. I’m posting yesterday’s comic today. I’m not sure I even know what day it is. Hopefully things will get back on schedule by the first. For now let’s see how deep down the rabbit hole Wally takes Osbourne.

Penguin Cam!

On the Rocks reader Ana by way of the forum has shared with us a link to a great penguin cam site that’s updated every 15 minutes. The cameras are located on the Antarctic peninsula and are catching images of a gentoo penguin colony. One camera zeroes in right on a nest with two chicks you can watch grow in realtime. It’s summer there now, with the sun always up you should be able to see the pictures any time of the day. Here’s the link:

  • can someone enlighten us about how to open a (above 0 degree celcius) coconut?

  • Man, this one really hits home. I’m from Hawaii and such coconut events have plagued my memories. Bad coconuts give you the runs.

  • joan

    I remember my father bringing home a coconut years ago.
    we took it down to the basement, where my dad has all his tools and attact the poor coconut with a electric drilling machine in order to get a hole to pour out the milk. then we managed to saw it in two halfs. I can’t really remember how we eventually got out the white stuff, but I’m affraid it had something to do with chipping it out with hammer and chisel. :/

  • That penguin cam is really cool!

  • SuperVegito

    @Tyler : Wally Was Dropped On His Head As A Baby Many Times, Was’nt He? I Guess That Would Explain Him Being Bipolar and stuff. BTW can you do a strip where wally beats the crap outta barney? i h8 that dinosaur

    Stupid Dinosaur *grrr*

  • Aurik

    One way I saw In Thailand.. they would cut the shell and husk off with a machete then make a slice across one end to make a hole where you drink the milk out of. Then you could use a spoon or something to scrape the meat out.

    • That’s called shucking oysters.

  • Love the expression on Wally’s eyes.

  • Dad
  • HER

    I found this great comic via the penguin webcam page today. Martin has just added a link – yay!

    Really, really loving the stories of Wally and Osbourne.

  • Hooray for Pingu! ^_^

    Heh heh… sorry.

  • eris

    With coconuts I think it depends on what level of ripeness it is. The way described above , with the top being cut off and a spoon of husk being used to scrape out the inside is ony possible with a fresh one, as the the jelly has not solidified. The one’s sold in US stores are pre-husked and much older/riper so the white meat inside is hard and very stuck to the shell.

    What I did as a kid was get the coconut sawn in half, and then sit each half upside down like little domes. I would take a hammer to the top of each dome, shattering it. Each smaller piece of shell then was much easier to pull white meat off of or only required a small bit of prying wiht a butter knife. Careful of shards of shell tho!

    • That’s just like shucking oysters!

  • reminds me of loonytoons were a sqrrel grabs a coconut by accident.

  • *squirrel*

  • wally has a big imagination

  • Coconuts Yum Hawiian Birthday!

    • The coconuts are made of snow! And it’s NOBODY’S birthday in Hawaii! STAY OUT OF MY PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi guys


    • IT’S NOBODY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY OUT OF MY PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!