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Oct 30, 2006
Bunk Bed

Wally also wets the bed. He’s not really the best bunk bed partner to have, especially not on the top bunk. I slept on a top bunk for a while in my early teen years. I remember the worst part was having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, when you were too tired to climb down the ladder.

Get Those Penguins Some Sunscreen!

According to US Scientists, the hole in the ozone over Antarctica is currently the biggest on record. It’s bigger than the area of North America even. Read the full article and see a rendered image at BBC news.

  • qtpa2tnh

    Finally , a new comic (+ firt comment ! ) Just as I expected … heavy one goes on top … ouch .

  • qtpa2tnh

    Sorry , I meant “first” comment , not”firt” .

  • just_another_penguin_lover

    This brings back all too many memories of bunk beds. lol…poor lil osbourne!

  • Lee

    Like we didn’t see that one coming. Unfortunately so did Osborne.

  • Lee

    PS Interesting to see that the Funbrain strip for October 31 has been reformatted to fit. Also interesting that it’s now only three or four strips behind the main site. (There’s no permalink, so you’ll have to hunt for the date if it’s past.)

    Incidentally, the Funbrain version is still called On the Rocks. Are there any plans to change the title and bring it in line?


    osborne must be very unconfortable.

  • qtpa2tnh

    Hey , gatter ! Your the only one who noticed me . Ya think we could talk more ? Nobody else notices me . Thank you . I thought I was alone in the world !

  • qtpa2tnh

    Andd by the way Lee Fun Brain also doesn’t have the paddle ball comics + the Internet:SPAM comic , + it skips a few extention comics , like the “Ride of all rides” comic .

  • qtpa2tnh

    Osbourne , a.k.a. Ozzy Osbourne and/or Ozzy .

  • SeNz!

    Love the comic, though the joke seems to be straight out of a scene from the Chris Farley movie, “Black Sheep.”

  • Andrew the Halloween Freak!

    Why not trade bunks to de on the safe side?

  • Jonah

    Yah what are you going to do with the funbrain version.Its about to catch up!! Is it true that it skips some comics? Whys that?
    Nice new comic.Looks like there house is falling apart!!

  • Cat

    Wow. That’s one hell of a big hole in our atmosphere. Funny how the US scientists have discovered this huge yawning void in our sky while the US president insists that global warming isn’t really an issue. Ugh. George W. Bush: Showing us the downside of democracy. Oh well, at least he can’t get elected again. Ever.

  • RW

    Awesome comic as always! Happy Halloween, I could just Imagen Wally in an Osborne costume, oh ya, I’m going as a penguin tonight.

  • purple people eater

    Gosh bunkbeds, I was at my friends house and I got the bottom, and her kitten attacked me ALL nite long. I finally threw the kitty of the bed. I didn’t care if she was cute I was TIRED!

  • purple people eater

    ps I think osborne would of liked the kitty insted of wally on him. especaily if wally had some Imported Chocolates earlyer

  • Canadian Mooseman

    poor osborne. hope he wont suffer from any broken bones. lol great comic!

  • Canadian Mooseman

    hey tyler. are you gonna have anymore new desktops or something soon?

  • Phizlo

    I wouldn’t be Osborne if I were you. It’s really smooshed down there. Wally was right about one thing. Osborne did pass out. πŸ˜€
    They should do something with the ozone layer. It’s getting to big. πŸ™

    Happy Halloween!

  • purple people eater

    The poor ozone layer
    I think we suck for making it bigger

  • Raven’ Genius

    purple people eater, i love that name!
    hmm…i hope wally isn’t prone to flatulency! (he he)

  • Mikko

    I hope osbourne is alright.

    Bunk-beds.. I remember fighting over for the top bunk with my sisters back then. And I also remember falling to the floor from top bunks..

  • BriGuy

    Totally saw that coming. Although it took me a minute to figure out it was Wally speaking in the second panel not Osborne.

    It would be interesting to see if in the next strip if Wally finds a bunch of candy. I wonder if Wally will ever try to bombard Osborne with a water balloon while Osborne is sleeping.

    Another great strip. 😎

  • Raven’ Genius

    hey purple people eater what happened to the one eyed one horned flying part? (one eyed one horned flying purple people eater doo doo doo doo da)
    sorry to those fanatics who don’t like people getting off topic i just couldn’t help myself

  • aidA

    aww its so sad that our world is becoming so trashed up πŸ™

  • Ferrety Penguin

    thats pretty sweet

  • Andrew the Halloween Freak!

    I say they should look for a first-aid!

  • hey people
    poor Osborne! πŸ˜₯
    heres my penguin fact:

    The African penguin is a protected species, but their habitats continue to be damaged by oil spills from tankers off the Southern coast of Africa. πŸ˜€


  • Raven’ Genius

    Happy Haloween!!!!!!! No one said that yet, i’m shocked! You know what bugs me about certain comics is that if someone got hurt they’re all better in the next comic. Hopefully Osbourne will have some sort of bandage to prove that he was hurt, but i’m not saying i want osbourne to be hurt or anything but i want some truth in the comic, even if it is only ‘a comic strip’.
    … Trick or Treat!!!!

  • bob

    wow!great comic.

    PS.go to

  • OrAnGe JuIcE

    Hmm… Lee is the first person I’ve seen whose mentioned the funbrain link. Somethin’wierd though… arond 10:00, the site sorta seems to shut down or somthin’. You can’t go anywhere. I went on just now. Is it like a neopets meets animal crossing thing?

  • OrAnGe JuIcE

    P.S. me and my best friend dressed up as wally and Osborn today. Our bags were really heavy and full.

  • Jonah

    Happy Holloween just got back from trick or treat!!

  • Carlyneese

    I had bunk beds till i was like 12 and finally i got a regular bed they are not that comfortable bunk beds

  • i wonder how much wally wieghs…….poor ousbourne

  • one eyed one horned flying purple people eater

    right raven’genius I forgot about that part. it’s way to long and I’m way to lazy to put it in, but i did anywho.

  • Cristina

    Poor Osborne, it must be hard to have a room-mate 8 times your size…

  • purple people eater


  • sarah da penguin luver

    poor osbourne!!!
    ahh well, i’m sure he’ll recover

  • I love what you all do to make these comics! It is so awesome! By the wat could you make these words bigger! Because like anybody could read all this

  • New guy

    Hi. I’m new here. You guys can call me Peter if you want… but I would prefer new guy.I’ve been a fan of your comic for some time now Tyler. I’ve been meaning to leave a reply for a while, but never got around to it… I’ll stop typeing if you want.

  • purple people eater

    you can type as long as you want:P

  • I gotta say, that top bunk thing reminded me of the night I spent as the adult leader with a bunch of ninth graders. In the middle of the night there was a loud crash. I got up and found Jody on the floor, kinda groggy and waking up.

    “Jody, did you just fall out of a top bunk?”

    “No, no.”

    I helped her up. “Okay, where’s your bunk.”

    “Right there,” she said, pointing to the top bunk.

    Hey Tyler: You got a great thing going with these characters. And I really like your art. Keep ’em coming…

  • Jacob

    hey doofas
    i luv u
    will u marry me??

  • Jacob

    My sis put that up, dont THINK about doing what my sister did!

  • purple people eater

    right Jacob
    whatever you say

  • On The Rocks is SO cool! But Pokemon is better. Bwahahahah!>=)

  • On The Rocks will Never defeat Pokemon! hahahahah!!!!!!!!
    LOng Live Pokemon! >=) Pokemon rules!!!!!
    but on the rocks is good *cough* *cough* *not*

  • ostrich girl


  • ostrich girl