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Sep 1, 2005
BASE Jumping: More Donuts

Personally I like the glazed, chocolate cakey ones. I use to like Apple Fritters but now they just make me a bit ill. If you flip back and forth between today’s and yesterday’s comics they kind of look animated. That last frame looks like Wally is pulling a donut out of his mouth.

  • TofuTheGreat

    Hey they DO look animated. Cool.

  • yeah sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet……
    sweet like donuts…

  • bobo

    glazed donuts are the best.

  • man if you think Apple Fritters make you ILL you haven’t had triple chocolate, the filing is the like chocolate frostine the couting is chocolate, every part of is chocolate.

  • I like LONG-JOHNS!

  • person

    i like boston cream donuts

  • crazycat12

    osbourne has good taste in dounuts

  • Gert7

    About the flippy thingie, that only works best with FunBrain, but here you need a super fast computer

  • Mew2s#1fan

    Hey, a thought just occured to me. How do you get donuts in the Antarctic? It’s not like you can just go the nearest Krispy Kreme.

  • hi guys

    the resurch staition!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, what’s with the dozens of exclimation points? I guess you’re pretty full of excitement, huh? But ‘research’ is spelled R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H. You need to work on your spelling.

  • When you bring donuts with you instead of a parachute with you when you go skydiving, you WILL go splat. By the way, how CAN you get donuts in Antarctica? There are no shops or people there.

  • I want one, too!


  • That’s a geninuely impressive answer.

  • 2Moxjn epvzvtuzinxq

  • baybay2

    oh osborne

  • Poopatude