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Nov 6, 2006
A Dash of Salt

Salt, pepper and garlic powder are staples in my cabinet. I season just about anything with that combo. On sandwiches you apply that right on the tomato and you can’t go wrong.

Salty is one of the seven basic flavors our tongue can detect, along with bitter, sour, astringent, sweet, pungent and umami. To achieve limitless sense of taste, our tongue is aided by our nose with it’s sense of smell. Don’t get too carried away with the salt though, I once had a bunch dump on some movie popcorn, which I decided to eat anyway, the next morning I woke up with my face all swollen up and extremely thirsty.

  • Carlyneese

    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! 301 I AM THE BOMB AND THE BOMB IS ME OHHHHHH YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :O

  • Anonymous

    lots of comments

  • ostrich girl

    this is one of those days when i really believe wally is trying WAY too hard to be something he isn’t

  • zeel

    I want smily faces

  • io


  • must make more comics i amaddicted tothem! i will go insane without them!!!!!!!!!

  • By the way,Andrew told me he was my imposter.

  • Just where COULD they get more salt and a better fitting lid?