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Nov 9, 2006
Worst Sledding Accident Ever

Not so much alive and kicking but more alive and twitching. I know many of you have waited through the home storyline quite a while now for some random fun.

Banner Ads

Once again I would like to thank those that have clicked the little donate button and helped support the comic. I love driving around in my new Lamborghini. Another new feature to help support the comic is the little button ads at the top of the screen. They can currently be had for as little as zero cents a day. They are auction ads, so you can bid on any of the spots in ten cent increments, whatever it is worth to you or whatever you would like to give toward supporting the comic. Even if you don’t have a site to advertise you can throw a little “shout out” up there. Much thanks goes to Ryan North and his Project Wonderful for them.

New Chatbox

Please don’t spam comments. Comments are nice little messages for me about the comic or post for that day, one of my rewards for doing the comic, it ruins it when people just chat randomly there or post garbage comment after comment. I understand that some of you may like to chat with other readers, that’s why I added a chat box off to the right there. Please use it. Thanks.

Sheldon Webcomic

And finally, I wanted to post this last Tuesday but got slacking on the comic again (actually I got a lot of writing done for it including an eight page original story that will be in the forthcoming book collection). Anyway, Dave Kellet, who creates the comic Sheldon, has just launched a brand new site for it. For a long time the comic could only be read at, but he has gone back to independent so I want to help him get the word out to new and old readers where to find the comic online now:

I’ve talked to Dave a couple times in the past, he gave me some good knowledge and advice on syndication, a really swell guy. His comic is about a millionaire kid, his grandpa who he lives with and his talking duck. It’s a lot of fun. With the new site, readers now have access to the entire archives in large format plus lots of other goodies. Go give it a read.

  • Phizlo

    Yeah First comment! I hope Osborne doesn’t die. He’s cool. πŸ˜€

  • Tux

    Great idea about the shoutbox, I’ve not posted much lately just because I doubt my comment would be noticed. Along those lines I also enjoyed it when you used reply in the comments too.

    I’ve got to say though I always found the sledding accidents one of the most fun parts of sledding. It’s still fun at times to go and do stupid things in the snow every once in a while πŸ™‚

  • I always notice your comment.s πŸ˜‰

    And yeah, it is fun to comment in here once in a while.

  • Phizlo

    About the shoutbox, I think it’s cool when you go over someone’s name so you can e-mail them. We can talk to each other without filling the comment section. Nice work Tyler! πŸ™‚

    PS. I also say that Wally shouldn’t die, even though he was a sissy not taking the sled ride down with Osborne. πŸ˜†

  • Ishmael

    ha ha osbunre is going to freeze πŸ™‚

  • Canadian Mooseman

    Hooray for random fun!

  • Tyler when is your birthday? mine is coming up soon (Dec. 6th) and i would like to know. thanks!!! oh and can you post a comic on or around my birthday? thanks again!!!

  • Finally, something to seperate the chatterboxes and the Intelligent commentors. Nice move Tyler! ANyhooo great random fun comic, i cant wait to see more!!!

  • Jonah

    Im glad we get a break from the house storyline. And im excited about the book exclusive part. I cant wait!!

  • Shrew

    Great comic, Tyler!

    And thanks for the chatbox! I enjoy reading comments about your comics, but lately I haven’t even bothered since the comments section was so full of irrelevant stuff. Now I can get back to enjoying your site once again. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!

  • purple people eater

    Poor Osborne!!!
    Wonderful job I like the clouds!
    And sorry we flooded the comments:(

  • Carlyneese

    SWEET!!!!!!!!! I AM COMMENT # 12


  • Peinguin Master

    funny comic tyler keep em coming but you know what guys hannah the peinguin freak never put her daily fact whats up with that and i haven’t posted for days seems like years only shorter and i hate always being the person to take up the most space even though there is unlimited space. I think thats all and now ive caught up if anyone read this far i commend you because ive been with this comic the first time it came out and any else whos done it to i give you a ”clap” clap” and a pat on the back hey you know what that rhymes and NOW IM SO ANGRY BECAUSE IM RAMBLING AGAIN well before i never stop i getting off the know what i really didnt give credit to this comic but i just LOVE the 3rd clip when osbourne twiches it is funny so i think thats credit were credits due and i have to stop doing this with the rambling because i could go forever but i wont because i have to do something really important but now i forgot oh ya now i remember ok i have to go now i go crazy and now here comes more credit for tylers comic WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO keep up the good work and i think im starting to repeat myself so see ya great people and hannah get over here and give us facts about peinguins we cant live without them and the peinguin is my favorite animal and everyone thinks i just said that but ive always loved peinguins since i was 4 and could know what a peinguin is and now i leave with saying this. PEINGUINS RULE sorry about that i got a little carried away so bye everyone you all are fantastic bye.

  • wit

    Hey!!! The site looks great. Saw you landed on too. That is awesome! Way to go

  • Peinguin Master

    that was the biggest post ever in the history of the on the rocks comics since the beggining sorry im taking all the posting space even though it is unlimited so bye i have to stop posting big posts

  • purple people eater

    all righty peinguin master you can talk ALOT!

  • Carlyneese


  • Lee

    I should think Osborne would be twitching, after all the disasters he’s been involved in with Wally.

    I see that Funbrain has gone into reruns. Pity. I was hoping it would start running future strips. πŸ˜•

  • Cristina

    Tyler, i don’t know if you know this or not but on a lot of computers the comments are all off center and over into the margins and it’s kind of hard to read because it’s in the brown, so i just thought i would let you know in case you didn’t already.

  • aidA

    I can’t tell if he’s twitching in the comic. uh, is Obsorne supposed to be twitching?

  • Phill


    He’s not DEAD, is he? πŸ˜₯

    Good effort keeping the comment count down. Flipping through 250+ nonsense posts wasn’t exactly fun. The chatbox seems so have done something weird with the frames though, all the comments have been given scrollbars. Maybe it’s just my screen res (1024×768).

  • Yay… Random Fun. Excellent comic Tyler. If you look hard you can see litle twitching movements on his foot in the last panle. Hey Lee, how could they be doing future strips when Tyler hasn’t even made them yet? All they do is copy them off this website. I’m sorry I couldnt put all this in the shout-box, but you only have limmited space on that thing. But now that I complimented Tyler if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the shout-box.

  • Jamie

    haha this ones great! πŸ™‚

  • Peinguin Master

    hey im back but im keepin it short great comic cant wait till the next and purple people eater i know to keep it short i just like to ramble and this the last thing im sayin im goin to see HAPPY FEET today ok bye

  • Andrew the 9 Year-Old

    He`d BETTER not be dead!!

  • Anonymous

    y doesnt he do anything!

  • Where do you live, because where I live HAPPY FEET dosn’t come out for another week. BTW, I live in Germany. My dad’s in the army and was stationed here to be the commander of a clinic.

  • Synergy6

    “most worst”?

  • purple people eater

    cool my dad was stationed in Germany before I was born but my sisters and mom got to live there.

  • hey people
    yeah where i live Happy Feet doesn’t come out for another week.
    i live in the US.
    and osborne is twitching his foot, i noticed that after
    reading it several times.

    im not going to post penguin facts anymore cuz no one
    seems to care anymore.

  • purple people eater

    Hannah people care! Maybe not alot but we all noticed you were not puting them up.
    I noticed the twitching the first time.

  • purple people eater

    k scratch that
    we care

  • Mikko

    Ohnohohnohohnohonho, panicc. *whimper*


  • Cool, your dad was also stationed over here. This is our 7th year here. Not in a row, but all in all.

  • Carlyneese




  • SportyBlonde!

    Hey! I definately think the chatbox is a great idea!!! And it’s also really cool how you’re trying to help out Dave with his sheldon comics. They’re pretty cute.

    Ok so when I first read this comic, I thought that Osborne was like uncauncious (sp?) until the last pannel. Haha. I like how the twitching is so subtle.

    Hannah please keep posting facts!!! They’re awesome!

  • ostrich girl

    *cough* *cough* i don’t know what to say about the last 15 comments but back to the story…
    i love watching America’s Funnist Home Videos(AFV) and i watch people land on their face in the snow ALL THE TIME!!! and wally is doing the opposite response to a friend frozen in the snow though…
    hee hee… i would have started laughing if i saw him fall!

  • I DON’T WANT OSBOURNE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
    WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BriGuy

    It really started to look like Wally was worried in the second panel.

    Wally, you need to learn someone is not faking pain or death if they have little “x”s for eyes. I know Osborne isn’t dead though because he always comes back after being hurt (smashed by a bunk, or hit with a frozen water balloon, or hit on the head by falling luggage, well, you get the point). All so, the comic would be somewhat plain if it was just Wally.

  • Hey everyone…..well…..I guess I’m the only fact poster now. Well uh, here’s the fact:

    If current climate trends continue unabated, polar bears could become extinct by the end of this century.

    A sad fact. Also, it’s sad that Osborne might be dead or seriously injured. Hannah, the facts you put into our minds are great. But…one fact you said was INNCORRECT!


    On funbrain, they show reapeats like 4 days now. It all ended in the bunk bed comic.

  • Whoohoo Carlyneese!You changed your name! you’re col!

  • i meant “cool”

  • purple people eater

    hey Penguin Guru we have somthing in common
    exept for the fact I’ve never been to Germany only my family
    but my dad and famliy went through Checkpoint Charlie before the Berlin Wall went down

  • LOL Thats funny,Tyler i cant beleive Wally isnt doing anything.what friend is he?

  • purple people eater

    I noticed something no one puts up killer whale facts maybe I should do that
    and change my name to purple orca people eater
    na I just stick with purple people eater.
    but I’m going to put up killer whale facts next time there is a new comic

  • hey does anyone play Club Penguin? i’m a green penguin named Watsonford.

  • Veranda

    lol love the comic. I can just imageine Osborne in the next comic on crutches covered in bandages I can just imagine him at like a little penguin doctor
    Doctor: “let’s see you need two weeks of bed rest and need to stay away from Wally for at least a month.”
    Actually I don’t think osborne would mind that last part very much. πŸ™‚

  • Peinguin Master

    hey evryone im still waiting for comic but this one is still funny but hannah was right i thought HAPPY FEET came out this week sorry if i caused any trouble oh and hannah i care about your facts their cool and i was the first person to notice you didnt post a fact we need them