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Sep 28, 2005
Toboggan: OW Airlines

Or Osbourne & Wally Airlines but the OW means so much more. I really enjoy seeing the boys using their imaginations. Probably couldn’t find any other penguins crazy enough to ride down with them.

  • some dude

    *cough* Calvin & Hobbes *cough*

  • Me

    Wally has the same face (exactly) as he did in the one before when he crashed

  • its funny how they pretended that this was an airline
    it will be funny if all airplanes were like this with osbourne driving
    and wally being the flight attendent

  • bobo

    the name says it all.

  • houston, we have a problem..

  • Sputnix

    Snowmen don’t count

  • Id join them

  • person

    where did they get the tea set

  • They should probably say “Thank you riding The OW airlines. Please deboard and find the nearest hospital or doctor.”

    That would make it sound more like an airplane.

  • Testing One Two!

  • dandudes

    Finally, proof that osborne is a boy! I was seriously confused on that. (read description.)

  • Wait a minute…Is there ANY hospital in Antarctica?

  • baybay2

    hopefully if they die they go to heaven