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Aug 10, 2005
Toboggan: No Brakes

When I was a kid I usually took the snow hills with a tube. I had a super tube or some plastic thing that was pretty fast, I would actually pass other inner-tubers. I would bring my dog on his leash and he would run down with me, often pulling me even faster and then try to pull me back up the hill to go on, he was a runner, and a thrill junkie. Every once in a while though there would be that family that would show up with the old school wooden toboggan. Riding down with them could often result in injury.

  • bobo

    its still fun.

  • Zoey

    so much for that

  • Jonah

    LOL Wallys the best!

  • jason

    how you do icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  • crazycat12

    jason this is how you make :) first you type the little sign like this : , then youtype this ) and you have this :) to type this :( do step 1 the same except type this ( instead of this ) :) :) :) :) your welcome

  • Philip2213

    :mrgreen: lol…thats all i can say about this…

  • http://UNKNOWN Osbourne

    😮 Gags never get old!

  • 45Liger

    I wonder if Wally got but rash this time.

  • baybay2


  • baybay2


  • baybay2