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Jan 15, 2008
Time Capsule

I’m sure most of us have done this as a kid, or recently if you are a kid. Buried something so you could dig it up later, like a special treasure. Unless you forgot about it, it usually would not be long until you dug it up to rediscover things from your… “past”. As an adult this is something I inadvertently do, but it can be just as enjoyable. When you stuff some keepsakes in an old box in storage, or something gets scooted under a bed or stuck somewhere in a junk drawer. Then you find it some time in the future, and relive a few memories briefly in your head. Good times.

  • Ellie

    Wow, has it already been almost 2 1/2 years since the last comic? Time flies.

    I’ll be sad if this comic is dead, I really enjoyed it and was glad when I googled for the comic after getting irritated at Funbrain for repeating the comics and came across the official site.

    • winged fury

      It’s not. Tyler Martin’s twitter says he is working on new comics!!

    • winged fury

      It’s not. Tyler Martin’s twitter says he is working on new comics! is that not great?

  • I will have to say, this is good

  • Nate

    3rd! NEW RECORD!!!!!
    i made a time capsule once. but then i dug it out of my basement about 5-7 months later……kewl comic πŸ˜€

  • Kevin

    Uh, there’s a first page, Nate.

  • Traci

    Wow, its been so long since the last comic strip. πŸ™ Its sad to see this comic die, it was so funny πŸ™

  • frank

    is this a repeat?

  • sscoolio

    I miss Wally and Osbourne. Now I’m condemed to reading repeats. Sad, so sad.

  • Alex

    That’s how it ends? No more?

  • ferretlad

    almost 3 years…damn…found this link in my excited…then saw no update..cmon give us something

  • Time to open up another time capsule after 2 years! πŸ˜€

  • Audrey Tam

    I love your comics!!!!!!!!!! Please continue them!!! If you don’t, do you have any other comics that you’ve writen?

  • What they said!…but seriously, is this dead? πŸ™

  • Clubpenguindude

    3 years…

  • Annoying Guy

    Tyler, today was my 15th birthday. I found my self grow up since you stopped making Wally and Osbourne. Looking back at my posts dominated by smileys and exclamation points, I just laugh. It’s been three years. I am going to stop checking back on this site now.

    Goodbye, all.

  • coocoocachooboo

    DON’T DIE WALLY AND OSBOURNE WAAAAAAAAA Tyler, you at least need to officially announce it, don’t leave us in doubt! i’m just sad that i’ve only been enjoying this comic for a short while, we ( meaning Wally and Osbourne fans ) should protest! I am not giving up!

  • Good god, man.

    When will you get off your lazy butt and make more W&A? You weren’t to busy to help Dave Kellet make his new site, but somehow you’re too busy to draw some dang comics? Weak.

  • Some Kid On The West Coast

    I cant belive that this comic is dead! sob sob:( it was so funny. goodbye wwally and osborne, we will not forget the time osborne ate wally’s dandruff or drank foot ointment

  • Songyi

    I think that this comic itself is a time capsule as it is over 3 years old now!

  • Tyler Martin,
    About 1 1/2 years ago, i created a strip called Simon & Riki. Now, i hadn’t heard of your strip until a couple months ago, and we might have a problem. You see. Simon & Riki is a strip about a penguin and a fish who have befriended each other. Now, ive got a newspaper interested in my strip, and i wish to avoid being sued. So, since we’ve got similar strips, i wanted to know if you cared whether a strip much like yours ran in a newspaper.
    Please reply soon,
    Simon & Riki Master

  • I can’t believe it. This webcomic is now dead. Why? As you can see, Tyler Martin lost his job. Pretty sad, huh?

  • Kid u don’t Know

    pleas make more W&O, Taylor Martin. its the only comic that gives me joy. πŸ™

  • I’m starting to give up on this entirely. I wish Taylor Martin would at least tell us, through a blog, what is going on and his reasons, or at least just “I’m not doing this anymore.”. And on the website, not twitter. He does this for free (at least, from what I know) and he doesn’t owe us anything to be fair, but for being loyal fans I think we at least deserve an explanation.

    I used to really respect you Mr. Martin, but it’s been 3 1/2 years, 6 months away from 4, since your last update. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I estimate 8 years. I think this was my first webcomic I’ve read. I made a comment about a year ago as you can see above, I’m still checking this site just in case. That’s a long long time to wait to hear something about this comic. I can understand if you have been stressed out, busy with work and family, but sometime in almost 4 years you should of had at least the time to write out a short blurb saying a little of what’s going on and that you may write out a longer post in the future (if you have a long goodbye or something planned). This, this is just loosing you more fans (if you are going to start up the comic again I mean, you could at least say “We are on hiatus” so we know to check the site again).

    I hope I don’t come off as bitter or being mean. I just really liked this comic and thought you were a neat person. I love that you did this webcomic, it introduced me to internet comics (thanks to Funbrain). Please, just give us a clue.

  • sjalt

    Im amazed that a webcomic that has been. . . stagnant . . . for this long a time still has so many followers. It shows how good of a comic this was

  • Fan


  • Funny

    I completely understand Ellie & all the others!

    Wally & Osborne even have fans in little Belgium, go figure! πŸ˜‰
    It was our daily cup of humour and many oneliners still remain…

    Would be really really nice to see this comic get back to life somehow!


    I used to absolutely LOVE this comic when I was younger and I got discouraged when there were no new ones in ’08 but thought I would give it time…
    3.5 years later, I grieve for it.

  • Ivan

    Why won’t you continue making W&O? I really love this comic. Now this website is slowly being devoured by ads…





  • Clubpenguindude

    Well, my last comment was about a year ago… and my very first was about ~5 years ago. I’m not sure why I’m commenting here now—it seems pretty obvious that this comic has been dead for a while– but I wanted to come back just for the nostalgia. I was reminded of it when I saw the feed in my Google Reader(set up just in case it ever updated again-oh well). This comic was the very first webcomic I read, and it’s still one of the best. Well…it’s been fun, guys. And thank you, Mr. Martin, for an amazingly funny and witty webcomic.

  • Karpolo

    Been refreshing this website for 4 years now, a new comic would be great.

  • Lee

    Why do I bother still checking this site. I just keep getting disappointed. I’m with Clubpenguindude, I guess it’s the nostalgia. Mr. Marian, you know you reached a lot of people that even though you left this site for dead, I still see new comments by old fans. It’s like a sad fan club that keeps trying to find out the fate of an old dear favorite.

    (I’m Ellie just in case the avatar recall doesn’t work, go by Lee now)

  • Justin S

    sigh…. 4 and a half years now…. This without question was one of my favorite and first webcomics I have ever read. Clearly it was good enough for me to still have that small hope that one day i would come to this website and see a fresh new comic. I understand that artists move on to new ideas and people like to do different things but at least tell the fans that the comic is done or what you have been doing for 4 years. Thanks for the laughs Tyler.

  • zeel

    Just checking in to see what’s up.

    I’m in college now, can’t believe how long ago it was that I read this comic.

    R.I.P. W&O. . .

  • Saikiran

    People, do not fear! I think that he is back at making comics and that there will be a new update VERY soon!

    Source: Wall and Osborne Facebook Page

  • Justin S

    Well I’m back again!! nope no new update. Figures. I only came back because the Homestuck hiatus has me trying to fill up my comic reading with something else while the author is at comic con. So yeah. I mean if you want to reaqd a great comic when this one isnt coming back check out homestuck : 3

  • Dylan

    I have a toy penguin that looks EXACTLY like osborne, exept with a sleephat

  • andrew

    I saw no comments from 2014, so I made one. We who adore this comic will keep checking it for the next 20 years until Mr. Martin finally realizes he has comic strip opportunities to equal the likes of Jim Davis popular Garfield. If an artist this skilled and this popular were to make sale of their work……..They would profit handsomely.

  • JJ

    SIX YEARS????

    • andrew

      Yes JJ, Six Years, I’m Telling you, This Comic could be as Popular (and Profitable) as the Garfield franchise, it is not every web-comic that can retain its fan-base after an abrupt halt and 6 years of absolutely nothing. There is talent to this guy’s work, and it has a broad appeal, to the young and old alike, If we keep letting him know a market is out there, maybe he will eventually get up and get this thing going again, even if he charged for it it would be great, doesn’t have to be free, just available. So either Tyler will someday take the path of a professional comic artist, a path which is ready and waiting for him, or he will ignore the opportunity until he dies of old age, but we fans won’t stop voicing our preference until one or the other has passed.

  • Alan

    I really want to see a new strip of this cΓ³mic i miss it

  • Jake

    Just here to say the same.
    I read this while I was young. I was homeschooled, and reading a new “On the Rocks” on funbrain (along with diary of a wimpy kid) was the highlight of my day. Every once in a while I go back, and check it out, wonder if anything is new. It’s usually not, but it’s still nice to check.
    One day we may have Wally and Osbourne back. A lot of us hope we will, but even if we don’t, we’ll always remember them fondly. We’ll see.

  • Madhatter673

    God, did I miss reading this back in school 7 years ago. It’s always nice to come back to the classics. It’s only been years but feels like centuries. Just a way of saying thanks for shaping part of my life and making a fond memory.

  • Kevin F

    MORE ON THE ICE COMICS ARE NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    I remember reading this comic years ago when I was in the 4th or 5th grade. Too bad there haven’t been any recent updates, I loved this comic growing up. Ahh, nostalgia.

  • Bubbles

    Best freakin comic in existence! Damit we need more of them!

  • Kevin F

    MORE COMIXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Has anyone tried contacting the author? We live in 2015 now!!!!

  • Chris

    Is this some weird way of saying goodbye without actually saying goodbye?
    Anyway, I guess this comic’s over now, or something. And like all of the fine folks that commented before me, it was a huge part of my childhood. To this day, I still remember jokes from this comic. From seven years ago! This comic blew my little mind when I was little.
    I still think about the snow transformer that takes hours to change back into the robot, the fact that Osbourne was crazy for coffee, the evaporating fish, the thing with Lost, the cookie monster, and of course, Wally taking Osbourne’s flowers.
    Good times indeed.

    • It’s coming back…

      • Chris

        Huh. Okay then, that makes me feel a lot better.
        Can’t wait!

  • Kevin

    The Wally & Osborne FB page just announced that the comic is back!
    I can’t believe it’s been seven years, but my childhood has returned!

  • Coldie75

    Much Nostalgia. This comic was so great.
    Reminded me so much of Calvin and Hobbes, but in Antarctica!