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Jan 15, 2008
Time Capsule

I’m sure most of us have done this as a kid, or recently if you are a kid. Buried something so you could dig it up later, like a special treasure. Unless you forgot about it, it usually would not be long until you dug it up to rediscover things from your… “past”. As an adult this is something I inadvertently do, but it can be just as enjoyable. When you stuff some keepsakes in an old box in storage, or something gets scooted under a bed or stuck somewhere in a junk drawer. Then you find it some time in the future, and relive a few memories briefly in your head. Good times.

  • Mia

    Yeah, I used to stash stuff as a kid, and find it later. It’s quite fun to relive old memories.
    Wally still has that smashed up shovel! And they have no self-control! Although, I guess it would be quite hard to find the spot later….

  • Hey what happened to the Wally And Osborne themed emoticons? 🙁 ❓

    ANyways great comic! :mrgreen: 😆

  • brilliant!

  • Must be tempting to open your time capsule after a few seconds you bury it 😉 especially if the snow is eazy to dig. 😎

  • I ove club Penguin!!!!
    You should do the “real eyes”(panel one) more of ten, b\c they are starting to look a little weird… im not used to them, thats why. is a good webite, Tyler M. (the creator of w&o if u didn’t know by now)linked to it when it was new.

  • I <3 billie bob!!!

  • and 4th…

  • Purple People Eater

    :mrgreen: Funnnny!
    His eyes are big because he like happy its funny lol.

    to you who wonder where i went i’m back!!

    Purple People Eater FOREVER

  • allforwally

    OH HOW FUNNY!!!! 😀
    i think i’ve done that once or twice 😉

  • this is funny! i looked at the comic this morning and it wasnt new!

  • Hahahahaha! Its is me again!

  • zeel

    finely an update!

    this is so funny and by the why I love this ccomis sOOOOOOOOOOO much it is mt homepage!

  • mikala the mysterious

    fourteen seconds later…
    lol 😆 =D
    great comic, tyler!

  • sarah

    love the comic! thx tyler!

  • CL

    🙂 i buried one when i was in elementry school, i dont knw which one though. i lose things all the time and almost never find them again lol. i cat find my dads spair car key he gave me or my mailbox key lol!

  • Spending three days going through the comics you had in the archive were some of the most enjoyable moments I’ve had while reading comments. I love how true to life you’ve made Wally and Osborne. And the little fact tidbits you add in are always very nice, because I have something new and interesting I can tell people. I certainly got some looks when I told people about the “projectile excrement”.

    And this comic is delightful. I certainly remember burying time capsules. Unfortunately, it seems that I always forgot to place a marker where I buried it. And oatmeal canisters don’t fare so well when buried – which is the most likely reason for why I never saw my them again. Only their soggy remains ever returned to me. Although I do often wondered what happened to all the little journal entries and toys I put in there. They probably met the same fate. Or in thousands of years, someone will find my fossilized Barbies. :mrgreen:

    Thank you for the enjoyable laughs, Tyler!

  • new comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like this one

  • new comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like this one

  • hey! where did the w&o smilies go? we’ve got these ones again!
    😕 ❓ ❓

  • wiggle

    not 1 of my at all 😥 🙁

  • Cristina

    I’m real happy to see updates are back :mrgreen:
    and i LOVE wally’s reoccuring shovel. It’s my favorite character 😀

  • Cristina

    *gasp* you should have a shovel category!!!

  • Flux

    I recently moved out, and discovered a lot of “treasures” in my old room.

    Most of them were pretty embarrassing, and some were even old candy from over 10 years ago…

    I did find a few (however rare compared to all the other junk) memorable treasures ^^

    Nice to see you’re back Tyler!

  • Blake

    YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen a new wally & osboure comic for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back to our dimention Tyler! PS: This is MY first post :mrgreen: 😀 😛 😉

  • spanishbob

    Yaay! W&O are back in action. I love this one ’cause I can totally relate. I have this thing that I call my stuff drawer and every six months or so I check to see what I’ve put in it. I’ve literally got stuff in there that goes back to first grade! lol. Thanks for the laughs Tyler!

  • mikala the mysterious

    heh, i remember saving little trinkets from like, preschool!
    i think i have plenty hanging around somewhere! 😆

  • I don’t see how the w&o emotes are different, plz xplain. 😕

  • Mia

    They’ve changed them back now…

  • Sac

    😀 :mrgreen:

  • 😈 😈 😈 👿 👿 wat the heck are you talking aboutthis is awesome u just have no life!

  • 😈 👿 👿 wat the heck are you talking aboutthis is awesome u just have no life!

  • oops

  • what the heck some ones using my name

  • Sac

    and he still has the old bent snowshovel

  • ???????????????

    annoying guy is a annoying smammer! he does 30 comments impersonating himself

  • hey ????????????????? I do not scam! I just annoy people by impersonating them. Its funny! Good comic!

  • wait when did i impersonate my self?

  • 😯 😯 😯

  • Ace

    on the comic telekenesis 👿 you made up Yes on french Toast, Yoresling, and all those bozos and pretended to impersonate them

  • iownacockerspanilelplush


  • Tabitha

    Having come here via a link on your web designers site, I’m really sad that I’ve run out of archives to go through here. I guess I’m with iownacockerspanilelplush. Will you be continuing your comic or is it officially dead?

  • Songyi Yuan

    Wow, it has been a time capsule! It’s been here for almost it’s 2nd year! 🙂

  • make a new comic ={

    *gasp* need *gasp* a *gasp* new *gasp* comic *collapse*

  • how do u make the faces?I’m srry but im new.i’ve been redding i mean reading all the comic strips and…(man im an idiot i talk to much ) and i forgot wat i was goin to say oh ya PLS PLS PLZ TELL ME HOW TO MAKE THE FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MIGHT DIE OF BORDEM IF I DONT KNOW

  • Umm… I stay up rlly rlly RLLY late them i get rlly hungry in the mornin ( and here i go talking to much AGAIN ) ok so ( goes fast forward untl the important stuff ) i have lots of frie… ( still fast forawds ) ok i cant wait even 1 i say 1 second! even a milosecond i cant wait P.S that would be bad if dey wait a day cause te snow will melt.( i make words rlly short )

  • I got crazygopenguins from crazy go nuts 2 its a game

  • WHAZAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S 14 SECOND L8R


  • JustMoi


  • kyu

    put up a new strip!! it has been forever~!!!