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Apr 9, 2007
Quest For the Beak: Part IV

Yup, that was the Eye of the P. Bear right there. The original art for this comic is for sale!

So yeah, originally stuff like this was going to be saved for the book, the full-page fully-colored hand drawn stuff, but this mini-saga just kind of weaved it’s way into the regular strips on me and so I ended up putting it here on the site. But these just take a bit long with my busy schedule to do with any frequency. So hang with me as we get Osborne’s beak back and I return to my sweet and simple updates.

My dad sent me a link to this ridiculously cute video of a baby polar bear the other day. I’m guessing this is the one being raised by zookeepers that is causing lots of fuss among naturalist groups. Dang he’s a cute little guy, if they could just keep them that size.

60 Minutes has a segment called “The Age of Warming”. In addition to yet more information about global warming, there are video clips of Antarctica and penguins and discussion of the loss of ice as well as the penguin populations.

Also in case you missed it, a 33 foot-long colossal squid was caught in Antarctic waters. They were pondering freezing or microwaving it, I’m sure in the end they just chopped it up and it’s now available at your local sushi bar.

  • those stupid skuas stealing wally hammers like the stupid ugly stupid fatty butt ugly stupid annoying SSSSSKKKKKKKKUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS

  • those stupid skuas stealing wally hammers like the stupid ugly stupid fatty butt ugly stupid annoying SKUAS

  • Anonymous

    head band is back that so cool

  • Tyler, im making a comic called “Inconvienent Happenings” Its kind of like Bizzaro or The Far Side and comics like that. I was just wonddering if you could give me some advice.

    Oh yeah, this comic is so good!

    Also, I agree with bellyac. Club penguin is a good game. I’m even a member on it!

    Seeya nextime when the new comic comes out!

  • Eric

    Maybe it’s a cycle, but were making the cycle hotter and colder than it is naturally.


  • Vom

    Is this the first time that Wally intentionally kills (the skuas are obviously dead)?

  • well the first time he did I am pretty shur but first time he tride no that was at polerbar traneing


  • penguin luvr 20 / kayla

    nice comic 🙂

  • Sheena

    Kuzza, ????????????
    Please do not leave bad comments.

  • Penguin Guru

    That Polar Bear training relly came in handy!

  • On the concept of global warming, I learned that this generation will be the best people fighting aganst it.

    SAVE THE POLAR BEARS!!!!!!!! (Esspecially Wally)
    🙂 🙂

  • Hey Ravenpaw, I heard about warriorcats but never got the chance to look at the website. Im hoping my parents would let me get one of the books.

    This is KooKoo 2.O signing off.

  • KillerPenguin

    I love this story, but there has only been one strip this month so far, i’m tearing my hair out with anticipation!

    There is a bit of a Rambo element to Wally at the moment which is really cool!

  • test

    Alt + 0134

  • test


  • 00.15982374685

    that polar bear video was the most awesome thing i have ever seen!

  • Bob

    the little polar bear in the video is called Knut, he’s the most famous animal of the zoo in berlin, Germany. In Germany and Austria it’s nearly impossible not getting annoyed by this cute little fellow because he’s just everywhere (from mobile phone logos to news,…)

  • Bob

    The news just said that the zoo got an anonymous mail that knut had to die (somebody who’s annoyed or so). it’s sad that people go that far!

  • Cristina

    i want a new comic soon please tyler! i understand they take forever to make but i think that’s supposed to be a hyperbole, they’re not ACTUALLY supposed to take forever……..

  • when is tyler going to write another comic?

  • Bellyac

    I’m craving a new comic 🙂
    But seriously, the Ice Age was only like three million years off, and the Earth is still heating and cooling naturally. We’re only adding to it a small bit.
    Bellyac signing off :>O3

  • Bellyac

    You know what’s really sad? Like I heard before, somebody mailed a death threat fo Knut the polar bear, which is really very sad. On a lighter note, I have some Club Penguin news. Rockhopper is coming, and a pirate party is being held in his honor. There’s going to be a free item for it. Also, next newspaper brings the news of the three book contest winners. So check up on Club Penguin. 😀 :>O3

  • clubpenguindude

    I already knew that, but thanks anyway Bellyac.

  • man, im sick of waiting.

  • nice comic tyler its funny stupid birds

  • I like this comic. What’s the hold up in geting a new opne on here???????

    Huh? Huh? 😉

    Poor little polar bear has just been hangin on and fightin’ birds for, how many days now?

  • lol, you should take these story’s to the forum xD

  • Penguin Boy

    Unlike me, my little sister hates penguins. She loves sea turtles. When my mom told us to go to bed last night, I called her bed a sea turtle nest. My mom said “and you get in your penguin nest mister”. I went to my bedroom, blushing. Although it did sound kinda funny.

  • i love this website.i just wish a new comic will come

  • Im dying of Nonewcomiconwww.wallyandosborne.comdisease

  • Jenni

    i want more comics! waaa!~

  • Almut

    I think wally and Osborne is dead…

  • totaliphonemacipodappletvfreak

    tyler wots goin on?

  • Bellyac