Yup, that was the Eye of the P. Bear right there. The original art for this comic is for sale!

So yeah, originally stuff like this was going to be saved for the book, the full-page fully-colored hand drawn stuff, but this mini-saga just kind of weaved it’s way into the regular strips on me and so I ended up putting it here on the site. But these just take a bit long with my busy schedule to do with any frequency. So hang with me as we get Osborne’s beak back and I return to my sweet and simple updates.

My dad sent me a link to this ridiculously cute video of a baby polar bear the other day. I’m guessing this is the one being raised by zookeepers that is causing lots of fuss among naturalist groups. Dang he’s a cute little guy, if they could just keep them that size.

60 Minutes has a segment called “The Age of Warming”. In addition to yet more information about global warming, there are video clips of Antarctica and penguins and discussion of the loss of ice as well as the penguin populations.

Also in case you missed it, a 33 foot-long colossal squid was caught in Antarctic waters. They were pondering freezing or microwaving it, I’m sure in the end they just chopped it up and it’s now available at your local sushi bar.