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Sep 5, 2006
Mister Superbelly’s Turn

I think the penguin decided it was best to go for the duo’s week point. Osborne must be a lover not a fighter.

Goodbye Steve

As most everyone has heard, yesterday Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died. On many occasions he got too close for comfort with dangerous creatures, yet it is still shocking that one took his life in the end. I know my family will miss his entertaining shows and enthusiasm for the animal world. He actually did a one-hour special called Ice Breaker where he does his brand of documentary in Antarctica. I had still yet to see the episode and after looking it up I found out it was running on Animal Planet today, I got it recording at this very moment.

  • Cat

    Very cute comic, and i’m reminded of the “Put the candle back” routine from Young Frankenstein (which, for those of you who haven’t watched it, is a wonderful movie that you should watch).

  • BriGuy

    I think the penguin in the second panel looks weired… It looks fat.:|

    For poor old Osborne it’s the same song as before, just the second verse.

    I like the “Mister Superbelly”, it’s almost as good as when Wally and Osborne were in: Undies On Ice. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i agree w/ cat the comic and the movie

  • Jai Inder

    Bravo, well done, you captured what happened in the movie you posted well, in the strip. I just got back from Boston where I visited the aquarium, the main attraction being the penguins, who are situated into a large area surrounding a spiral ramp. I was so impressed by their behavior that I was suckered into buying a five dollar penguin for twenty units of legal tender, which I subsequently gave to my significant other (kinda sorta girlfriend, but way more complicated, and not really, but sorta, and maybe, kinda. Important thing being care), when I arrived home. She loves penguins and thinks they are possibly the most hilarious animal on the planet; Not much of a computer person though or else she’d be checking this site every day.

  • Alexis

    I’m the fifth coment

  • Purple Koopa

    Mr. Inder, you should probably show her this comic. 🙂

    Smart of the penguin to attack Osborne rather than Wally. KABOP!

  • Hannah

    I love that word.
    And I like Fantastical too.

    Guess what I’ll be thirteen on September 24!!!!!!

    Happy Feet comes out on Novemburrr 17!!!!!!
    I can’t wait.

  • Flux

    I thought Osborne was a pro belly bopper?
    So why is he getting his … kicked by the first penguin they try?

  • Bandman

    Osborne must be a pro belly bopper of the same variety as, well, the Detroit Lions are pro football players, or the Devil Rays are pro baseball players. You know, pro, but then again, why?

  • her

    ^^^still wondering why they need rocks. Aren’t Wally and Osbourne male? Are they going to make a nest together?


  • Rolo

    RIP Steve.

    Oh, and nice comic.

  • Canadian Mooseman

    Steve Irwin died? He was the crocodile hunter right? wow.

  • Phizlo

    Great comic! 😆 I agree with BriGuy. The penguin looks kind of fat. He must be king of belly-bopping.

  • John

    Love your comics…just wondering if you were going to update your advertising icons with the new web address. I have you advertised on my “Myspace” but it has On The Rocks not Wally and Osborne! Just curious. Have a great week.

  • Radioactive

    Great Comics man… keep them coming, you´ve even got south american readers, (at least me… and some people i´ve told…) its cool reading about antartica in the tropic…
    keep it cool where it must be…

  • poor ousbourne

  • i think a moment of silence for steve.

  • you know were all like a big group of friends

  • If you have seen that Antarctica episode yet, you may see osborne in there a few times. Yet, where is wally? 😛

  • bigd-wadefan

    HA HA HA thats a pretty funny comic

  • this was a cool comic, and jesse, this is guppi.

  • Osborne in the third pannel looks just like he did in yesterdays comic

  • Jesse

    What they could do is be like the juvies but charge rocks for whatever they would sell.

  • Canadian Mooseman

    I dont think wally and osborne would stoop to that level.

  • Phill

    Steve Irwin almost got into trouble while filming that antarctica piece. Got too close to the whales and disturbed them and stuff; some environmentallists kicked up a bit of fuss. I always hoped he’d get eaten by a crocodile, but oh well. 🙁

    heheh, Kabop.