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Sep 6, 2005
Ice Cave: Reflections

It’s funny how fun it is to catch a warped reflection of yourself, whether it’s in a fun house at the fair or even just in a store window that gives you really short legs or a wide head. You’ll stand there dancing around finding amusement in puppeteerting your altered image, at least until you see that other people are standing around finding amusement in watching you.

  • Nathan

    Really? I’ve never done that. đŸ™‚

  • bobo

    Really your missin out.

  • dood

    awesome reflection!!!!!

  • That is NO reflection!I FEEL a storyline!

  • person

    what is that a frozen penguin?

  • It’s a penguin from the 29,000 B.C. I read about it in The Antarctica Timeline book.

  • Wally looks like elmo!

  • That is REALLY no reflection, Elmo-Wally

  • baybay2

    thats not osborne! thats a giant frozen penguin!