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Oct 9, 2006
Having Some Friends Over

Nothing like some wild and crazy friends to wreck a house. This is the last comic in the hole. πŸ˜€

Update – October 11

I’m sorry but there are not going to be any new comics for the next couple days. I just have to fully jump onto a project for someone that I keep putting aside and get it done. It was suppose to be some promotional artwork for a book and the book’s been out now since last month. 😯

  • just_another_penguin_lover

    hehe…first comment!!!! soooo how are we getting out?

  • just_another_penguin_lover

    Everyone could use more friends!! πŸ˜€

  • Lee

    The people upstairs all practice ballet
    Their living room is a bowling alley
    Their bedroom is full of conducted tours
    Their radio is louder than yours
    They celebrate the weekends all the week
    When they take a shower, your ceilings leak
    They try to get their parties to mix
    By supplying their guests with Pogo sticks
    And when their orgy at last abates
    They go to the bathroom on roller skates
    I might love the people upstairs wondrous
    If instead of above us, they just lived under us

    –Ogden Nash, “I Wouldn’t Have Missed It: Selected Poems of Ogden Nash” (1971).

  • Cat

    Huh. I guess that’d make it colder in their house too, it being open like that. Oh well, at least Wally was friends with one of the nice seals, as opposed to the kind that can eat them.

  • Jonah

    There “guests” must be freaked out!

  • Edi

    Digging stairs into the ice wouldn’t be a half bad idea Osbourne and Wally *Hint hint*

  • Phizlo

    It’s nice of them having more company. πŸ˜‰
    You know it really does bring out the sunlight.

  • Phizlo

    Nice poem Lee.

  • cally

    its always nice to have friends over they should have tea

  • Jai Inder Singh

    Once again coming in for 9th place! It’s me! That seal pup is the cute! and I MEAN THE CUTE! Those penguins look confused, and therefore hilarious, because they are penguins. Unfortunately you need more than 3 for an ARMY, Tyler! So yeah way to go, keep ’em coming. AND END THIS ARC!

  • Jai Inder Singh

    I call Tenth PLACE! The loser’s first WOOT!

    Parsley is Garsley

    -Ogden Nash

  • Canadian Mooseman

    lol. cant wait to see what nonsense will happen next.

  • BriGuy

    The “guests” don’t seemed to mind very much that they “dropped in.” Wow, knowing Osborne’s luck you would have thought the “upper deck” would have fallen on him.

    I wonder how they will be out of the hole next strip. πŸ˜•

  • frank

    wheres hannah i want the penguin fact=)

  • Andrew

    Well everybody since I`m bored heres my email…NOT!!!Heck everybody read this!Talk to me!Please Pull me up as a subjecy.

  • Andrew

    Sorry misspelled subject.

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak

    Heck like Hannah I will give facts… about Pikmin!Okay my first fact is Bulbmin are invincible to all threats accept getting eaten and etc.Heck if hannah has a long name so can I!

  • Well hi I will do facts…About Pikmin!!So to kill enemys with enemys use cannon beetles and kill them.

  • Anonymous

    new stuff new stuff new stuff!

  • hey people
    sorry i haven’t been posting facts lately πŸ™
    i’ll post two today

    a creche is a group of baby penguins huddling
    together while their parents are gone at sea. πŸ˜€

    heres the second one

    the total population of Fiordland penguins is under 1000 breeding pairs. πŸ˜€

    byebye. πŸ˜‰

  • blue_rose287

    Awww! I liked the hole arc….

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak

    well where`s the next comic tyler?

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak


  • Hey, somones pretendin to be me. My computers been broken and my last comment in yesterdays comic wasn’t me. This sucks!

  • carlyneese

    I wish i had a skylight whimper cry i am okay

  • any more friends

  • cool! πŸ™‚ 8)

  • Mysterygal

    New home=Crazy welcoming party!!!!!!!

  • S. Dolphin

    Weird… Emy has not posted any today. Oh well….. she was being mean any way.

    Maybe I will post dolphin facts!!! hhhmmmm…..
    What does everyone else think??

  • Jonah

    Dolphin facts would be cool

  • Jai Inder Singh

    Why is everyone so obsessed with facts?! Sure it’s nice to know… but it seems like people are getting ready to be seriously concerned over lack of them! At least keep them relevant. I have never heard of antarctic dolphins, BUT I have a solution for our dolphin lovers: Why not start your own webcomic about DOLPHINS?! Amazing huh? Yeah and then you could post your facts RIGHT UNDERNEATH the COMIC! I know I am a brilliant genius. What can I say? anyway, try not to take me seriously.

  • FACTS! i understand jai inder,

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak!

    Now for a Pikmin fack…Red Pikmin can hang onto bolborbs easier than other pikmin.And yes dolhpin facts would be nice.

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak!

    new fact comin at ya!Well I wrote immunities of all pikmin!



    White=Poisonus Gas


    Purple=None,but really strong

    Bulbmin=Fire,Water,Electricity,and Poison

    Well see you later
    P.S.What school do you go to…….HEY READ THIS!!!!!I WORKED MY BUTT OFF!

  • hey people
    whats up
    heres a penguin fact for ya

    The Yellow-Eyed penguin is the third largest species of penguin. πŸ˜€

    and hey Jai Inder Singh, I agree.
    I was the first one to post facts and now everyones
    like, “i wanna post facts too”
    its weird.
    well byebye.

  • Sheena

    Hey peoples!! πŸ˜€ Nice comic. By the way, that adorable little seal is a Weddel seal pup, I think, and the penguins are either Chinstrap or Gentoo penguins, I forget which one. πŸ™‚

  • carlyneese

    I have a fact for you did you know that your eyes are two different sizes oh that beats any fact

    well thats an opinion so I cant really say that oh well who cares they are just facts

  • Jai Inder Singh

    Quite quite Hannah. Keep to Hannah, and perhaps her relatives.

  • Ismael

    call me Ismael

  • S.Dolphin

    I wonder when there will be a new comic!?!
    I will not be posting dolphin facts because people don’t seem to like the idea =( and it doesn’t seem useful to this type of comic. =(

  • post em if you want,its just people are going crazy over FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello. im back after 30 comics or so.

  • OrAnGe JuIcE

    This is the first time I found this site. I’ve been reading On The Rocks from, so I’m glad I can finally found somewhere I can put comments!!

  • wow, i love your comics, you are a genius…i love animals…

  • Andrew the Pikmin Freak!

    Well come on where all waitin for you to stop your 4 DAY VACATION!!!!!!!!Well here`s a fact.Red Pikmin are the strongest Pikmin!

  • Ishmael

    call me Ishmael

  • carlyneese

    Hi Ishmael!!!!!!
    Or is Ismael

  • carlyneese

    when is the new comic?

  • Jai Inder Singh

    So uh, does anyone actually care about hearing about pikmin, since for one they don’t relate at all, and for two, they were made up, and for three…um those first two are pretty good reasons actually. Sorry to be a harsh critic, Andrew, but I don’t even care a fig about hearing about pikmin. Can we please keep it antartic related here people?!

  • Synergy6

    What about Pikmin from the Antarctic?