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Oct 23, 2006
A New Home: Finale!

Finally, a new home for our boys. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’d call that more of a fixer-upper. There are many abandoned shacks like this one, old science outposts from as early as the early 1900’s. Shackleton’s station, from one of his expeditions, being one of the more popular tourist stops. With noone really owning the land things just kind of get abandoned in Antarctica and left as… trash basically. These include old whaling stations, expedition and research outposts and even boats. Penguins don’t seem to mind setting some of these spots up as rookeries though.


My updates update seems to be a regular feature. I just had to set aside all my time taking care of projects and stuff that is crucial to my livelihood. I’d like to get Wally & Osborne to be a bigger part of my career side of things, but that’s going to take some time. If you would like to help support the comic, I added a little “donation” button to the right column, a couple dollars to show your appreciation would help a lot, or you could always pick up a t-shirt from the shop. The plan is to have the book available soon too, so maybe you’ll save your money for that. As always, thanks for your patience and for reading!


    O.k. … where’s the one for today , Tyler ?

  • izzieluv

    YAY gee, Tyler, your getting awfly popular

  • ananymoos

    if max ever comes to visit, how we he fit in the house? will he have to sleep in the hole or somehing?

  • Raven’ Genius

    Hey I had forgooten about Max! Maybe they’ll do an addition… or not?

  • Raven’ Genius

    Oh yeah by the way whoever is doing these occasional impersonations needs to stop, cause every once and a while someone complains that someone impersonated them. I mean come on! It was kind of funny at first but now it’s just getting old. So give it up already, we’re all past it!

  • mabey wally carved the ice circle into a ladder

  • Cat

    Maybe they just dug another tunnel out? like, kinda at an angle, slanting upwards? I think that would work.

    Another thought on the house. What if the juvie penguins use it for a club house? Maybe they’ll charge Wally and Osbourne to use it.
    ….little punks.

  • S.Dolphin

    Waiting 4 another comicc…………….
    Hey Penguin Guru who hates Halloween???

  • qtpa2tnh

    comic…now… uuuuugh !

  • qtpa2tnh

    can’t …breath …without …new …comic …uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !

  • qtpa2tnh

    I agree with S.Dolphin , I love Halloween ! look at the bright side , ya get tons of candy !

  • qtpa2tnh

    Tyler , sweet design on the “shack” !! And I think you made Osbourne happier than the “Penguin Juice” comic. They look as happy as ever . Nice job on the eyes in the third panal… so cute !

  • qtpa2tnh

    My e-mails are,..,,..,and . E-mail me , Tyler .

  • Raven’ Genius

    here new comic comic here boy! maybe it will come if i call it…

  • Raven’ Genius

    still not coming… i think i’ll give up on that idea for now…

  • Raven’ Genius

    i forgot to say that it’s cool how all three panels mesh, the backround is the same but they have different grounds, that’s pretty cool :o)

  • hi people
    Tyler wheres the comic?!?!?!!?
    and from now on i will only post penguin facts every time
    a comic comes out.

  • Andrew the Halloween Freak!

    Yay.New comic

  • I love it when their eyes buldge like that!!!soooo cute. 🙂

  • purple people eater

    It’s beautifuly OLD !!
    thats what I would of said

  • purple people eater

    but they are pretty cute

  • zeel

    the juves shold be selling the hose

  • Maybe they got out by using the shovels to make steps in the snow to get out of the hole ?

  • Isn’t that house kind of OLD?!