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Oct 23, 2006
A New Home: Finale!

Finally, a new home for our boys. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’d call that more of a fixer-upper. There are many abandoned shacks like this one, old science outposts from as early as the early 1900’s. Shackleton’s station, from one of his expeditions, being one of the more popular tourist stops. With noone really owning the land things just kind of get abandoned in Antarctica and left as… trash basically. These include old whaling stations, expedition and research outposts and even boats. Penguins don’t seem to mind setting some of these spots up as rookeries though.


My updates update seems to be a regular feature. I just had to set aside all my time taking care of projects and stuff that is crucial to my livelihood. I’d like to get Wally & Osborne to be a bigger part of my career side of things, but that’s going to take some time. If you would like to help support the comic, I added a little “donation” button to the right column, a couple dollars to show your appreciation would help a lot, or you could always pick up a t-shirt from the shop. The plan is to have the book available soon too, so maybe you’ll save your money for that. As always, thanks for your patience and for reading!

  • Jeroen

    jippie!! First reply :p
    lovely little house you got there, kinda drafty dough *-)

    ps: keep up good work 🙂

  • YAY comic, and a great one to!

  • BriGuy

    I haven’t seen Osborne that happy since the orange juice.

    I guess if all you are ever used to is siting on rocks i guess that shack is a pretty nice place ( especialy the fact they don’t have to pay a bunch of squid for it). 🙂 Maybe Wally will find some chocolate in there like he did the warehouse.

  • Raven’ Genius

    eeww that’d be some old chocolate…

    Hey Tyler i totally get where your coming from on the udates thing maybe if the book comes out i’ll buy it

    cool backround the clouds are pretty sweet

  • Raven’ Genius

    sorry i meant ‘updates’ not ‘udates’


    this has to be my fav comic u hav done. we should get a millionaire to donate:-) lol



  • Mikko


  • Ishmael

    cool home but what is with the new graphic paint?

  • The scrawny penguin lover

    The only thing I’m wondering is how did they got out of that hole?

  • Phizlo

    YAY! A new comic! AND a NEW home!!!! Wally and Osborne will finally have a place to live!!

    Who abandoned it in the first place?

  • Jonathan

    That’s a really nice house. Finally the guys have a home!

  • Dorlaem

    isn’t that the house they wrecked some time ago?

    good comic tyler

  • Roi

    Hooray! The story line… no, many story lines are complete! You should’ve come up with plenty of new comics over the two week break-like time to put up. Not drawn comics yet, but the greatness of this one shows more to come!

  • Canadian Mooseman

    cool house. wonder what surprises will be inside

  • Cat

    Yay! A new comic at last!
    Hee hee, I can just imagine the guys playing house in there. Betcha Wally will wear the apron while Osbourne reads a paper!

    Any takers, eh?

    OH OH OH! I know! We can bet on that, and the losers have to donate that much to Tyler! Any takers? (Besides Tyler :P)
    I bet $2! Woot!

  • Cat

    I would also like to say that the sky behind the house is beautiful.

  • sarah who luvs penguins

    woo-hoo!!! i haven’t read very many of these comics, but how can you not fall in love with Wally and Osbourne. it will be totally awsome to see them in their new home!

  • sarah who luvs penguins

    hannah my pal where is your penguin fact????=(??? post one soon please!
    from sarah

  • hey people
    and sarah, CHILL OUT!!!!!!
    heres the penguin fact:

    Peruvian penguins look like African penguins,
    but are shorter with longer flippers. 😀

    i agree with the scrawny penguin lover, how did they get out of the hole?


  • just_another_penguin_lover

    some things we may never know…… Hehe…. I LOVE their expressions in the last frame, they are too too adorable!!!!

  • sarah who luvs penguins

    i agree with the how did they get out of th hole question as well. maybe Osbourne got super powers and could suddenly fly, so he lifted Wally up, up and away. this is probably so totally wrong but who cares it would be cool anyway!!! will we ever know……

  • Jonah

    Nice job Tyler! This will add a lot more to the comic. Hopefully they have this house forever! 🙂 But not like just a short plot!!

  • Edi

    This update made my awful day a touch better. Thanks much Tyler. 🙂

  • ostrich girl

    OMG!!! Panal Three is absolutely ADORABLE!!! ja ja!
    loving the art work in the 2 panal. nice.

  • ostrich girl

    opps. i meant second “pannel”

  • Jai Inder Singh

    WHOA NO WAY! AN UPDATE! I’m delighted and…suprised

  • Kristin

    My response to this strip is comparable to the final panel. What a lovely thing to see after such a long time in that hole (not only for Wally and Osborne, but for the readers, too!)!!!

  • Ishmael

    wally and osborne look diffrent for some reason

  • Sheena

    Awwwww……now ain’t that sweet!! Hooray for both the new house AND the new update!! 🙂 Tyler, you just made my Monday a whole lot better. 😀

  • Yes finally a new funny comic.

    I agree how did they get out of the hole?????

  • aidA

    actually i think that this type of style makes antarctica seem like a really scary place…:D
    yeah, how did they get out of the hole?

  • just_another_penguin_lover

    Maybe tyler will show us at a later date how they got out of the hole! Its so good to see a new comic tyler! Much thanks! You know you have true readers when they wait almost two weeks in anticipation for the next comic! haha… keep ’em coming!

  • Tux

    Well I’ve already bought a Pengowned shirt & a Osborne hoodie, as soon as the book’s out I intend to buy one of those though. I’d donate too except being a student I’m broke. Great to see a new comic and hopefully the end of this storyline although I wonder how having a “home” is going to affect the setting of the strip. I’m so used to just the antarctic landscape I think it’ll be a bit weird to see a “house”. Having said that I loved the different settings in Calvin and Hobbes because they really helped the strip develop and lead the read along in what kind of strip it was going to be, riding the cart down the hill was always a good sign of Calvin being philosophical for example.

  • The art for the “shack” looks great. I am continually impressed by Tyler’s work.

    I sent $5 via PayPal though I felt kind of like that was a paltry amount compared to the quality of the comic. I guess if everyone sent you $5, it’d all add up though. 😉

  • BriaN

    I see a Halloween gag coming up with this house…

  • somethings going to happen i know it……..

  • Mysterygal

    I agree with BriaN and axis. There might be some polar bears or seals or something in there that will get Wally and Osbourne.

  • Jai Inder Singh

    Whatever you do, DO NOT take us back to how they got out of the hole. I never want to see that hole again…well not really, but at least not for a while, back with the 8000 comments or so.

  • Phizlo

    That last comment posted by Phizlo was not the real me. 🙁
    Someone’s using my name and that’s BAD!!! 🙁

  • Yes!!!!! A new comic. I will donate as soon as I can get my own computer working. I’m not alowed to do money deals on te library computer. And also finnaly, someone who dosn’t think Halloween is a Demon Sport or somthing. Thx BriaN. You and this comic made my day. BTW, for all you Halloween haters out there, did you know Hallows Eve (The original name for the Holliday) is a religious event where you carve out gourds (pumpkins) and put a candle inside so evil spirits will get caught inside and get burnt away. I know that probably won’t change your ideas about the holiday, but that’s the honest to God truth.


    I see a few Halloween gags comin’ up …Definently …


    Can’t wait for the next comic !

  • rebecca

    Hallows eve is the eve of all saints day

  • ismeal

    to bad this is the final strip of a new home

  • Jai Inder Singh

    That was a short lived return to the “normal” schedule. Where’s today’s comic?

  • ed

    please get it arranged so you can do more regular updates! every time i get on the interenet i hope for one, that is why i made this my homepage

  • Jesse

    That house totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • So much 4 everyday from now on……..

  • carlyneese

    yay a new comic look on the bright side ummmmm……. its a new comic