May 7, 2008

Aha, how did I miss this?

  • Anonymous

    zuh? 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Macdp

    That was weird.
    I think penguins are better off in the water. 😆

  • Dorlaem

    I love these flying penguins.. but it just seems wrong, it’s like seeing turtles run as fast as an antilope :p

    welcome back tyler

  • Karpolo

    Wow, flying penguins! I just saw a Mad TV where Dot said “i will be like a penguin, I have wings but i wont use ’em”, well not true! some penguins do and here’s proof!

  • John Salvia

    Yeah, I fell for that too. Ended up telling my mum about it before I realised the date.

  • Garrett

    …that disappeared quickly. I should check my rss feeds more frequently.

  • Karpolo

    It’s not real but I wish it was.

  • Annoying Guy

    Woohoo! NEW ENTRY! I am back! Great comic Tyler. No wait, i’ts not a new comic. . . 😥
    But it is about flying penguins! 😀

  • clubpenguindude

    i actually believed it for a while… :mrgreen:

  • Sac

    but how would you get in the middle of a flock of them flying? that was wat really said it was fake to me.

  • Kaiti

    lol that was funny but i still prefer the comics

  • Poopatude

    Its fake when u watch the vid click it then it goes to youtube then look at the tags in the description