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Nov 22, 2005
Travel Ad: Thanksgiving

I had this strip written as a travel ad strip a long time ago and almost forgot about it, since Thanksgiving is upon us I had to briefly interrupt the Cowboy storyline for this. A couple days early to make sure you had time to get one because I think it’s a couple days to ship them from Antarctica. I’m only joking, no eating penguins allowed.

  • We don’t do it out here, but Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  • SuperVegito

    i have absolutely no idea when Thanks Giving is cuz we dont celebrate it here but Happy Thanks Giving to every1 who celebrates it.

    Tyler: I hope you happy now… i have a craving for stuffing and sweet potatoes n theres none around to eat -_-

  • James

    Kinda late as far as Thanksgiving goes. Then again, I am Canadian.

  • synthmon

    I like the signing: “Frozen Dreams”. Almost sounds like something that’d sell micro pies…

  • It would seem you are now pandering to the Lemur population. Hmmmm…..

  • Holy Whale Carcass — Does Penguin taste like chicken?

  • Osbourne looks tasty! No Bill, fight of your hunger, fight it off!

  • Julie Says:

    December 1st, 2005 at 3:14 pm
    Holy Whale Carcass — Does Penguin taste like chicken?

    no more like turkey hence Thanksgiving dinner.

  • who eats PENGUINS for thanksgiving? they’re evil i tell you! EVIL!! penguins & squirrels = supreme EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! (sorry guys, that was my sister.)

  • I live in Alderney, so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. 😥

  • Sleeps with penguins

    You gotta admit, a penguin is like, chicken and fish at the same time. they’re lucky they’re so freaking cute, or there actually might be a market for fresh penguin…:sad:

  • CC

    DON’T EAT THE PENGUIN!!!!Hee ee,it was funny anyway 😉

  • Sally


  • Osbourne

    I hope Wally isn’t hungry, polar bears could eat anything….I think so…..maybe….don’t they?

  • I don’t think I’ll want to eat a penguin. Not cool. Not cool at all.