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Aug 9, 2005
Toboggan: Faster Slide

Tobogganing is actually the word used for the penguin’s art of belly sliding. It is only fitting that an actual toboggan could be a replacement for the art. Here’s another case of Wally adding insult to injury. “Hop” on might have been taken a little too literally. Still, you gotta love him.

  • Nathan

    He launched in the wrong direction, but funny none-the-less. I see lots of promise in this comic. 🙂

  • bobo

    i denant notes that.

  • Izzieluv

    I like speed to

  • funny

  • Kat

    Yay! You get to see the bottom of Osbourne’s feet/flippers

  • Umm i wish i was Wally. That looks like so much fun!
    Wally’s my hero:)

  • crazycat12

    toboggan is a funny word and i agree with kylie

  • WALLY3330


  • Poppy


  • beftman

    why can nobody in the history of the internet spell the word “definitely”?

  • I wanna try THAT next!

  • 45Liger

    Why didn’t Osborne go backwards? I still think this is funny though.

    • baybay2

      ousborne probobly pooped/peed his pants!!!!!ps POOOOOOOOOOOOP

      • Mewcario

        He dosent have pants.