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Sep 11, 2006
The House of Rock

They built that city on rock and… well, just rock actually.


Thanks for any words of encouragement. Or telling me to get my butt in gear. I’m working on it. Maybe Osborne can get me back in shape. I know it’s easy to defend ourselves that make free stuff available on the web like comics, that we don’t owe our readers anything. And maybe that’s true, a friend might not owe you anything either, but it’s nice to be able to count on him. So I’ll try and be realistic about the updates so you can count on them too, I got you reading in the first place. Going to stick with the five days a week goal, and get working on the book, but no word yet on when it will be available, it’s a top priority for me though and I’m glad to hear all the interest in it.

Zoos Targeted for Theft

You may remember the missing zoo penguin named Toga. Toga was never found but they figure it was due to theft. Exotic animal collectors hunger for rare animals has been putting zoos as a main target for stealing such animals. Some zoos these days are clamping down on security and even implanting chips into their animals. Read more here.

  • Nekessla

    Yay! After so many strips of longing and heartache for our two Antartic friends, they finally have a place to call their own!

    Would that count as an Adelie house? Maybe they have an Adelie mansion.

  • Canadian Mooseman


  • Canadian Mooseman

    hopefully penguins wont steal their rocks. hmm….what could go wrong next?

  • Canadian Mooseman

    gotta keep it humble all right.

  • Anonymous

    choice words #5

  • really tall

  • pretty easy to steal rocks from that beast

  • Jesse

    Yay for Tyler!!!! (Huge round of applause)
    They should try to use snow and ice to make it more of a house.

  • BriGuy

    So much for Adelie penguins being a “humble” people.. or maybe so much just for Osborne. Good comic. Can’t wait to see what our friends get into next! πŸ˜›

  • They should be worshipped by the other penguins for such an achievement.

  • bigd-wadefan

    I bet next comic the penguins will try to steal their rocks

  • Phizlo

    If other penguins took rocks from Wally’s and Osborne’s “castle”, the whole thing might collaspe.

  • Sheena

    FINALLY!!!!!!! THEY GOT ROCKS! THEY GOT ROCKS!!! πŸ˜€ Now, I think other penguins are going to try and steal their rocks. Or, I have another real good suggestion for a comic: while Osbourne (YES, WITH A U) is out fishing, Wally goes and builds a football stadium, an office building, or something else impressive. Better yet, he builds a BELLY-BOPPING ARENA and Mister Superbelly competes with penguins! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Sheena

    Better yet, Osbourne builds one of his snow-forts, except with rocks.(

  • Ashley

    Great comic once again! And yes, I would consider that as a mansion, lol.

  • S. Dolphin

    I bet other penguins have already been stealing some =P


    great comic tyler, finnally they get rocks!

  • Jai Inder

    Eh, I don’t think the other penguins would to steal rocks from Mr. Superbelly. Heck, the penguins would need an army to go up against him and his mighty gut…hmmm…Yep, definitely an army (Hint, Hint)

  • Jai Inder

    The only forseeable problem is that the rocks will probably collapse into a much more disorganized pile when the storm hits. In their current position they won’t do much against the harsh antarctic conditions, maybe if they make less of a mountain and more of a castle/fort dealy. Could add some torches made from shovel handles…stuff like that. Right now they just have a mountain of rocks likely to collapse or get stolen…but by who? Perhaps an army… of tiny figures, likely penguins…I like that army!

  • Flux

    Will the mountain collapse?
    Will other penguins try to steal their rocks?
    Will the adelie home protect them from a storm?
    Will OsamanBinLaden ever be caught?

    Tune in tomorrow for another comic of Tyler! :p

  • That would be pretty easy to steal from

  • I bet the huge penguin is gonna come and try to steal their rocks and Wally will fight him in a Belly Boping Duel.

  • Hannah the Penguin Freak!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for the comic book to come out!!!!!!!!