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Apr 9, 2007
Quest For the Beak: Part IV

Yup, that was the Eye of the P. Bear right there. The original art for this comic is for sale!

So yeah, originally stuff like this was going to be saved for the book, the full-page fully-colored hand drawn stuff, but this mini-saga just kind of weaved it’s way into the regular strips on me and so I ended up putting it here on the site. But these just take a bit long with my busy schedule to do with any frequency. So hang with me as we get Osborne’s beak back and I return to my sweet and simple updates.

My dad sent me a link to this ridiculously cute video of a baby polar bear the other day. I’m guessing this is the one being raised by zookeepers that is causing lots of fuss among naturalist groups. Dang he’s a cute little guy, if they could just keep them that size.

60 Minutes has a segment called “The Age of Warming”. In addition to yet more information about global warming, there are video clips of Antarctica and penguins and discussion of the loss of ice as well as the penguin populations.

Also in case you missed it, a 33 foot-long colossal squid was caught in Antarctic waters. They were pondering freezing or microwaving it, I’m sure in the end they just chopped it up and it’s now available at your local sushi bar.

  • LTaniki

    First comment

  • LTaniki

    the gggorth picture looks awesome

  • LTaniki

    i mean forth

  • BriGuy

    I really liked this one. Nothing is going to stop Wally. from helping Osborne.

  • PG-13


  • Anonymous

    this was a great comic i cant wait to see the conclusion of the quest for Osbourne’s beak

  • Ferrety Penguin

    they got OWNED…by a polar bear

  • Phizlo

    This is the best comic for the Quest for the Beak so far yet . . . πŸ™‚ If you see closely at Wally’s eye in the fourth panal, you can see the time where Osborne was training Wally! πŸ˜€ Sweet. πŸ˜‰

  • Wally is sure kickin’ butt. I’d hope that I had a friend like that if I ever lost my beak….

  • Captain Chaos

    Yes, Phizlo, this is one of the reasons why Wally&Osborne is an extraordinary comic. I like the different styles (drawn/painted) as well as the stories

  • hey people
    now this REALLY reminds me of Eye of the P. Bear
    this makes me happy πŸ˜€

  • rep_Comm

    brings tears to my eyes πŸ™

  • KooKoo like new comic! KooKoo! KooKoo!

  • if thees all hand-drown strips take so long then have normel stips all thetime and say every sunday or something have an update for the story that way nobody gets bord wen thars no strips.

    estaer was yesteday so I just want to say that I hope that all of will someday (soon)(and if u havent alredy) trust that jesus dide for u and be saved (for reel) dont know what that meens? E-mail me @ and I’ll give u some help. this is VARY importent so dont think I’m werd or something.

    ………………………………………………………….God bless……………………..

  • wow, this was pretty funny.

  • Mentalbug

    Hehe πŸ˜€
    Those skuas sure have a strong neck πŸ˜›

  • Wally cares so much for Osborne πŸ™ WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    and wallys eye is having a flashback of Osborne helping Wally! And wally scarf is the same way it was in the stranded island comics! πŸ˜†

  • shikra

    HA HA!!!! sukas are dumb for insulting Wally and stealing his hammer. Awesome comic Tyler.!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • {GiGi}

    I like this serious Wally quite alot πŸ˜€

  • Phizlo

    You know, Wally kinda reminds me of a ninja, with his orange headband and determined look on his face. πŸ˜‰

  • Cristina

    awwwww wally is such a good friend, Wally, when i grow up i want to be just like you!

  • Penguin Boy

    Wow! Wally really shows his tough side here. Hey PenguinGuru, I left a message for you on Youtube!

  • Cristina

    ew sushi

  • wally

    do do do do do eye of the polar do do do

  • kaiti

    lol haven’t been here for a while, but i love this comic πŸ™‚

  • LlamaHomefry

    Nice comic, haha! I didn’t know skuas has beaks of steel!

  • Hey, I found this new penguin movie called Surf’s Up! coming out June 8th. Its about penguins inventing surfing. It looks like a real good movie like Happy Feet. πŸ™‚ Press my name to see it. πŸ˜‰

  • By the way, those skuas’ beaks will be real numb by the time Wally’s finished using them.

  • jacob the penguin freak

    if you noticed his scarf is how it was when they were on Survivor: Antartica

  • Semakora

    I don’t believe in global warming being caused by us…. Their’s a big yellow million degree ball of gas in the air that may have something to do with it….

  • Semakora

    Actually I don’t know how hot the sun is but it has to be pretty DANG HOT TO REACH US…

  • I don’t know exactly how hot or how far it is from us either, but the sun could add to global warming, but if it was entirely the Sun’s fault, we would be sitting here typing “Hey, they lauched a new rover to Earth, and it turns out that it used to have water and maybe even life” or whatever. But the sad thing is, OUR sun is pretty wimpy compared to the other stars out there. It’s yellow, and red is the coldest and blue is the warmest, so it isn’t very hot, or bright for that matter. It’s a 1 on the H-R diagram-that-actually-looks-more-like-a-scatter-plot-thingy…

    Oh, right, a comment. I love this one! I showed Wally and Osborn to my sister for the first time and she got the Eye of the Tiger refference and she started dancing around and singing (terribly, I might add) so yeah, she liked it. Hope the awesomness continues for a long, long, long time, Tyler!

  • Bellyac

    Ooh that’s some intense comic there, Tyler! If I were Osborne, I’d totally trust him with finding my beak…
    I’ve recently been introduced to Happy Feet, and I’d just have to say the skua gang is pretty darn cool. Like the evil cool πŸ™‚
    Personally, I think that global warming is natural cycle of the planet. We’re only a few million years (it sounds like alot but isn’t) from an ice age, and the planet is warming itself. Kind of like us humans. When we’re cold we need to get warm.
    Anyway, Wally has gotten less “childish”. I wonder if the Giant Petrel King will “totally kill him” like Howie said the other day…

  • Bellyac

    sorry I just love to post comments. I have an awesome penguin symbol I made from the computer. It is:
    Did you notice that some of the people in Happy Feet weren’t animated but were ACTUAL PEOPLE? I know, it just ruins the aspect of “totally realistic” πŸ™

  • Bellyac

    Actually Orange Juice, runescape is kind of violent. Club Penguin is way better. You get to make your own penguin, buy a little creature called a puffle, make friends, play games, change penguin colours, buy backgrounds, update igloos, buy or get clothes, and become a Secret Agent. If you’re interested, click on your adress bar and write down :>O3

  • Bellyac

    Tyler, I’m planning on making a cat comic with my sister entitled SEASONS, and I just want to know how to get a comic published on the web like this. Please reply, I’ve been eager about the comic (we spent like the whole day animating these awesome cats, I’ll try to get a picture in sometime) πŸ˜‰

  • Ravenpaw101

    oops wrong link.
    Please tell me if this is better

  • clubpenguindude

    I pley clubpenguin and it does rock. But, I only play it because i was banned from Rune scape.)’:
    Nice comic

  • Cristina

    happy friday everyone!

    i love the little penguin smiley!

    hopefully monday will bring us word of what’s happening to wally!

  • Eric

    zeel, anything drastic -could- happen in ten years or so.


    p.s. my shift keys and my caps lock keys are broken. i can only type lowercase.

  • Sheena

    YAY! Comic!!

    Wow, Wally is a really great friend (and quite the ferocious bear). πŸ™‚

  • Penguin Boy

    I am very offended and mad right now because I have visited many pages saying that penguins are stinky things. If i get a job at an aquarium, I will personally give them all baths with lots of soap. 😐

  • io

    i agree with Bellyac, global warming is just part of earths cycle. anyway, great comic.

  • if u use Alt+(#pad)0160 then u get a spece that wont go away!

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  • io

    try alt 236 to get Γ’Λ†ΕΎ

  • New Guy

    Hey the Newport Aquarium is gonna have a new penguin exhibit called penguin encounter where you get to touch penguins and see them uup close. I can’t wait to go! And o yeah they also have a new king penguin chick, only of the only two times king penguins have mated in the U. S!

  •  (Γ’Λ†ΕΎ)
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    the infinity sine is why better for the eyes thanks io!



  • Eric

    Io, global warming is not part of the worlds cycles, most of us are causing it. Sure there are patterns of warming and cooling over the 100 and something years stuff like weather has been recorded. But we’re helping it by doing all sorts of stuff like burning coal.


  • hay io eric is rong its just a cycle (and its not as drastic a is sed)

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