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Mar 28, 2006
Polar Bear Training: Back On the Run

Polar bears do actually eat birds. Seal is the staple of their diet, but being the most carnivorous of all bears they eat anything they can kill, including shellfish, rodents, beluga whales, walruses, musk oxen and on an extremely rare occasion… other polar bears.

Of course they don’t eat penguin since there are none in their location. I imagine penguin would be a pretty suitable food for them with the high fat content. But inexperienced polar bears would probably slaughter whole colonies of penguins or at least their chicks and be a threat to their population. I don’t think they would coexist in the same environment too well unless the Antarctic penguins learned to have more defensive nurseries. Perhaps burrowing in the ice like seals and some island penguins that burrow in dirt.

  • YoSis

    The way Osbourne is running looks like he is using his fin to protect his little bum from being bit. Haa haa.

  • bobo

    oooh cool rock:)

  • bobo

    lol penguin…chicken…ice

  • tux

    I was wondering if Osbournes “train Wally to hunt” scheme would back fire . . .

  • BriaN

    Wait is it penguin or is it chicken haha

  • Sev

    “Chicken of the Ice.” I love it.

    Also, this has to be a real “What was I thinking?” moment for poor Osbourne. I mean, what would be the best source of food in Antarctica for a lone polar bear?

    I’m thinking something that’s slow and small and easy to eat. . .

  • Ashley

    lol, ive never seen wally so aggressive, i guess osbourne has really gotten into the polar bear training, lol, have a good one! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  • Matt D

    “being the most carnivorous of all bears ”

    Is ther even edible plants up there?

  • Izzieluv

    Scary poor Osborne!

  • Izzieluv

    How do you get those cute smilies?

  • Best comic out there. Love it, love the characters, love the setting, love the gags, and love the wiki-like entries.

    Funny AND informative.

  • zoomcamera

    running idiots.

  • Soooo maybe penguins do taste like chicken…..

    I know a few of my workmates that can be as easily distracted as wally was by the rock.

  • Lee

    Well, they don’t have TV in Antarctica.

  • Nice

  • chicken of the ice, origional i luv it.

  • Jee Won

    crazy wally!

  • That rock IS cool. πŸ˜›